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Front Sight Post Upgrade


I run a Blitzkreig post. Dot at the peak is tritium.



One of my next Purchases !


@Dred Thanks for that info, just ordered the white chevron front site post with tool.


Wow, that is one GOOD looking front sight post.


I bought the M*Carbo peep sight for my S2K but have not installed it yet as the gun is with Kel-Tec. After I got it I compared it to the original and since I’ll never be adding an optic to the rifle, don’t see a need for the fold down feature so I doubt I’ll put it on. As far as a replacement front sight, I hear the replacements don’t engage with the locking pin. Maybe that was just one brand. Do they make any that glow ones that are visible from more than 1 angle? Don’t really want to have to adjust one full rotation so I can still see it.


Kylon Bright Pen’s,I know you don’t like peep’s But i touched up the inside of mine and front post made them Quick Find’s !


Photo? I would like to see it.


Here ya go, Hope it’s helps.!


Blitzkrieg Components


Really like the looks of that chevron site. Was wondering what it would look like on the gun. I ordered one from them in the orange chevron, Can’t wait to install it and test it out. Got it because of the color contrast which should allow me to pick up that front sight quicker, particularly in reduced lighting conditions. Also, I believe it will give a finer aiming point which hopefully gives me better accuracy. (and it shows me it will actually fit my gun)




Behold the glow paint and tritium Blitzkreig:


@Dred Almost looks like you could round off the point on the top of that sight so that your round Tritium dot is right under your target. The full chevron option comes to a point but I know that sight wasn’t cheap.


I bought kns fine AR. Sight lightly filled little ball off and painted with orange neon white base coat. Super fine aiming point


I just upgraded my front sight pivot block with one from Performance Services. When I swapped out my front sight post I noticed the stock pivot block wobbled and if I tightened it all the way down it would not pivot. New pivot block can be tightened all the way down and has a much smoother pivot. The new pivot block keeps the sight from going down as far as the stock pivot block as you can see the difference in the picture so the closest I could get it laser bore sighted was 12 yards which works for me.


Anybody use the XS Big Dot?


Yes. Just be advised the elevation adjustment is extremely coarse because you have to make full turns to get the white/tritium part facing back towards you. No 1/4 or even 1/2 turns.


My problem is at the range where the lights are dim. Locating the sight post can be a chore, even with the Mcarbo peep sight. Does anyone have experience with something that is easy to spot in dim light? I was thinking of that yellow Chevron from Blitzkrieg or the Big Dot. It seems like the Big Dot might block a lot of the sight picture though.


I used Testors fluorescent enamel. Yellow on the front sight and green on the peep rear. Easy to pick up sights in low light. Use a flat white base coat first. $1.79 a bottle from Hobby Lobby.


I’m gonna swap out my post for a taller ball type and paint it with the glow paint, cheap and easy fix.