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Front Sight Post Upgrade


@KAS67 I’ve done it all myself. Really fun stuff except when I had to shave the polymer and had to keep taking it apart and putting it back together 5 million times to test the trigger. My dads a retired gunsmith so I’ve learned a thing or two over the years and he’s always willing to help if I’m over my head.


@KAS67 here’s some actions shots of the sub during surgery and when i did a trigger swap on the SP2022


Good for you learning your father’s craft a true master gunsmith is most honorable plus you save a butt load of cash.
Your move real good you remember to plant your feet@each station.You have good sighting instincts, your rifle comes up naturally looks simple for you like it’s supposed to. You always see lots of guys at the range they get the gun up eye level and stall looking for their target. Good job.


@kas67 thanks. Always staying humble and trying to get better. Ego has no place in the gun game.


Thank God I didn’t have to shave any polymer inside my receiver. Everything worked the first time I got it back together. I sure hope for the same result after installing the M*CARBO trigger bar. Hopefully, exterior dimensions/thickness didn’t change from the stock trigger bar.


@wedge you were very lucky. My trigger was dead and I would shave, put together, test, take apart, shave, repeat over and over. The only positive is I can now take the gun apart with my eyes closed lol


Believe me, I’d rather have had to do that than send the whole thing back for the recall.


Try nail polish a nice bright orange it works.


I like bright hobby paint. And I always have it around from coloring lettering on guns


Krylon Bright Paint Pens


I have been thinking about the red lion front sight upgrade. It folds and allows the sub to fold. My stock gen 2 front sight works well enough and keeps me from spending the extra right now. I just need to put some loc tite on that screw that locks the front sight in place.

I like to understand how things work so I took the oem sight apart. Pretty simple set up. A bit of a pain to put back together at the range and get it working . Sighted it in and 100 yard shoots easy and consistent.

The red lion may be in the future but now I consider it a nice to have.

I put white base on my front sights followed by several coats of neon red or orange. Model paints work well. They show up well it lightly dimm to bright light.

I am not a big fan of red dots as I like to keep weight down and work with irons.

Now my eyes are getting old so maybe in the future a red dot will be a purchase but for now don’t need it.


Does the Red Lion front sight use a standard (removeable) AR-15 style front sight post?





Thanks! How hard was it to get the stock front sight off? If mine comes back from the barrel recall with a jacked up front sight, I might just put the Red Lion one on instead of sending it back to Kel-Tec to fix, which they may or may not actually do.


Haven’t done front sight assembly replacement yet but it shouldn’t be that hard. the sub gen 2 has ar sight post. I replaced mine wirh thinner ar sight post from kns.


Yeah, I know. I replaced my Gen 2 front sight post with a Big Dot white tritium insert one. That’s why I asked. I’d like to be able to transfer that to the Red Lion front sight, if I do get one.


That red lion fore hand seems way to heavy and cumbersome. Kind of defeats the purpose of the sub. JMHO


@Kona Ego has no place in the gun game?..I love Ego Waffles.


A flare wrench / Brake line wrench, and a good plastic Mallet!


Guys, those of you that have put a different front post in your S2k, could you please put a picture? I’m looking for some alternatives.