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Front Sight Post Upgrade


@500c If the photos in that Post did not convince them they have their head up their a$$ and nothing you do or say will change their mind.
We should start a separate Post Your Sight Pic thread where Members can post close up photos of their rear sights. Maybe a couple of hundred photos of different rear sights would get KTs attention.
I do find it more than a little worrisome that the manufacturer of my firearm doesn’t have a better knowledge of the parts it is using.



I have a working WAG theory about the confusion at KT. Having watched many hours of Nutnfancy waxing on about the Sub 2000, I know the party line at KT was “get lower 'cause the sights will work fine when you do.” This was absolutely true and many shooters were plenty uncomfortable getting low enough on the sight tube to use the sights.

I have noted that folks at KT tend to answer the phone. I expect the folks on their end of the line deal with overdose levels of whining, b!tching, crying and complaining. My bet is that the spec on at least one order was adjusted by an employee that was not authorized to make the adjustment. I further suspect said customer focused employee hesitates to own up to their initiative.

Alternatively, someone at the polymer co bought themselves a Sub2k, made a fix for their personal Sub and accidentally leaked some of the improved parts back to KT.

In any regard, it is disconcerting that KT seems to have passed on parts so obviously outside their spec without noticing. Many companies would have complained to their supplier for delivering out of spec parts. I doubt KT’s design tolerances can pass both of the parts given the magnitude of the correction.

Finally, given the fact that the correction has been noted at KTOG, it is disconcerting that they aren’t monitoring public comments at an Owner’s Group dedicated to their offerings as closely as a geek’d fanboy of one of their products. Suggests KT is definitely engineering/design driven rather than market driven which explains why calls for 10 & 45 go unanswered. Good thing their designs are so innovative.


@Dred I can definitely visualize the rogue employee scenario. :grinning:

But these are injection molded parts and making a new one requires a new mold. Only a very few large companies still retain that capability in-house. That means KT or its supplier would have had to issue a fairly substantial purchase order to the mold supplier (probably German or Japanese) and supply CAD drawings, a 3D model, approve a prototype, etc. It is very unlikely someone in supply or even engineering could have pulled that off unnoticed by management.

“In any regard, it is disconcerting that KT seems to have passed on parts so obviously outside their spec without noticing.”

As I noted in my previous post, I like you find the absence of KT concern or possibly even knowledge about the matter extremely disconcerting. They are not making inconsequential widgets - they are making firearms! I can tell you that this lack of attention or concern is exactly the type of thing that results in Company destroying punitive damage awards; not over the sights but about what they demonstrate about the Company with respect to whatever other item failed and is the subject of the lawsuit.

We really should start a specific thread asking Members to post pics of their rear sights if only to get a census of how many of the “new” sights are out there. If there are a lot (and from the posts I think there are), it will rule out any claim of some minor glitch or accident in the supply chain.


@JoeFridaySays Went over to KTOG site and looked at pictures of the long discontinued Sub9. The sights look somewhat similar. Is it possible they found a crate of old sights and substituted them during assembly? That might explain their denial of different types being produced. Need someone who has a Sub9 to check it out.


@Don68 Interesting thought but these are the best photos I could find of a Sub 9 and the sight looks different to me from either of the S2K sights - note the ledge and thicker profile especially. Still, I agree it would be nice to hear from the owner of one to check out the possibility.



i created a thread over at KTOG; we’ll see the response.


Thanks this is just what I was looking for