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Front Sight Post Upgrade


they should be able to be modified to work. im still working on the vernier sight mount. almost got it to rough out. ive used 45 degree sights before. just a learning curve.

and im outta likes again…:smiling_imp:


I just got the Blitzkrieg Spike in orange, here’s a pic next to the original.


@GOBLIN yes Buck, but thats why I call them “game guns” :grin:

But that said…the old M40-A3 we used was optics only no irons. :+1:


@jeffing65 Nice Work ! :+1: tried this with 375 H&H too big’:rofl::rofl::rofl:


LOLOL Just depends on the game is all. remember the old M 03 A3 with the foot long think it was a leatherwood skinny tube scope on it?


@DivaMarie Thanks LOL It’s not perfect and takes a little fine tuning. A steel case will work better.
A .40 is just a hair too big and I cant remember if I tried a .303. Probably didn’t have one handy to try.


@GOBLIN I have never used them before. I do like the vernier idea however.


@GOBLIN Oh, don’t get me wrong…a game gun can serve a tactical purpose. But often times they are so over tweeked for performance that they lose that ability.

My wifes shotgun is a perfect example. Springs and tension have been modified so it reliably feeds low powered 7 1/2 shot and even minishells…but if she ever tried to shoot a full power tactical load it would probably cause some serious damage to the receiver!


I dont like havin no likes :smiling_imp: but shotguns suffer a lot from that. my old A5 split a foreend when i in a rush didnt flip the cup to shoot 3" loads, and a 3 “mag slipped in to the 2 3/4” loads and ive carved more than one stock for the old LC Smiths, when someone assumend a 3" shell was the same as a old 3" paper round…


@GOBLIN she has it set up so she can run those 900 FPS rounds reliably. I kept all the original parts of course, but since the shotgun is cerakoted in blood red it will probably never serve a practical role!

Besides if my butt is on the line I am grabbing the shortest pump shotgun I can lay my hands on (KSG). You just cant beat the reliability of the pump.:grin:


oiled 870 at the front door, and a modified 67E at the laundry room door brother.
“bump back” tool :smiling_imp:

anyone need to borrow the die and T.A.T. let me know for a 12 ga. threads for a breecher tip or a adj polychoke :sunglasses: thinkin bout addin to the Lever shotgun. Jus Cause…
thinkin a whole lot on that KSG


@GOBLIN it took a lot for me to give up my 870s. Been using that model for 30+ years.

But now I run all KSGs. :grin::+1:


update on KT and rear sight

thought i’d give you guys an update, posted in Tips too, here:

i thought i’d give you guys an update about the so-called ‘revised’ rear sight.

so, a few emails later, from Sean at KT, they’ve checked with their ‘engineers’ who confirm that there was never a modification to the rear sight mold. of course i sent them the pictures, and they are in denial on this. the only thing i can think of is the possiblity that they themselves aren’t even aware of the fact that a possibly new supplier changed the mold w/o their actually knowing it?

seems unlikely, but what else can it be?

further update: now sean is asking for the ‘forum link’ for the engineers! i have having a bit of a time finding the exact posting that shows the comparison pictures…i’ll keep looking


Hoot … it was first reported at KTOG and not too much later, it came up here as well. I can’t help, but I think @Turmeric1 has cross referenced every helpful post so he can probably just look it up in his records.


@500c Try Tips & Tricks for S2K. Go to @JoeFridaySays post #78.


Link to post 78



thank you dred


thanks don68…


@500c See the photo here:


i already sent them that, tnx