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Front Sight Post Upgrade


Any suggestions for a front sight post upgrade for a gen 2? I hear that it’s a standard AR post. What are my options?


I went with a Big Dot white tritium insert front sight post from XS. Works great.


Goggle it’ and look at the great improvements out there From Large Green dots, to Orange Triangles and White ones I like these Ideas.



Although I’m pretty happy with the stock sight. I’m might add a little paint


Darken the inside of the wings,Paint it White with the Like’s of Krylon (Short Cuts Paint Pen’s) @ Wally World K Mart in the Art Section’ Or in Your case the 18 kt Gold leafing pen Krylon, to Kinda Match your Soon to Win 24 kt Muzzle Break!:rofl:


Perfect that’s the Company that makes the green I liked,but could find my book mark for ya.


Lol. Smartass. Where u been hiding?


Had to take a Break and do firewood,Haul water, all the fun stuff! while the Weather has Stop’d Staining and Snowing Mix here in S.E AK ! I’m back now.


Alaska life. Girl lol


Take the front sight off and put an mbus on the rail.


Miss the 4 season’s of Ind and the Fall Colors


That’s the one iam running on my gen 2 S2K.40
What are you thoughts do you like yours?


You’ll lose the ability to fully fold it unless you want to take that sight off every time.


@wedge I don’t fold mine anyways because of USPSA and I don’t trust swivel mount or red lion to maintain zero.


I was considering doing a build with the Red Lion forend. I pretty much put a red dot sight on everything. If you have had negative experiences with the red lion forend I wouldn’t mind hearing about it.


@kas67 My buddy has the red lion on his and it adds weight. It also is a moving piece that could possibly compromise zero. My current setup is never folded and my dot is never moved. I’m a minimalist kinda guy and believe if factory works then stick w it.


Understood,thanks for the intel on the Red Lion. Always good to here the negatives with the positives. I saw your weapon on the other thread how does it shoot are you finished with it.


@kas67 runs lights out. Just waiting on the brake and trigger bar. If they ever make a .45 sub I’ll start over on that one but the 9 is basically done.


Cool, Do you have the skill set to work on the weapons yourself. Or are you like me and contract it out, if something goes wrong I like being able to scream at my gunsmith haha.