M*CARBO Brotherhood

Front Sight Post Removal SUB2000


Designed an adapter that slides over the existing barrel threads yet locks up tight with factory nut.


@bjohn10 That is cool that you made your own. Just curious, why didn’t you go with the KT thread protector? (Cost: $15)



Didn’t know it existed but I also enjoy turning parts on my lathe.


@bjohn10 don’t blame you one bit! :grin:

I often make things simply because I am to lazy to go to town, to impatient to wait for the mail, or just because I want to!


@Johnksg @bjohn10

All out of likes now… I had to turn my stuff when I lived in Newborn, GA. I was 45 mins. out of town, but I loved living in that little town. Solitude means everything to some? l had my little farm, cattle dog and free ranging chickens back then! lol