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Front Sight Post Fuxation

okay, here’s the dealio. My S2K’s front sight post is bent slightly to the right. Result is my gat is now shooting about 4-5" left at 25 yds. No me gusta!

I had some POS 45 degree angled Pic-rail mount attached to my S2K’s top Pic rail so I could mount a red dot optic on there. I could barely fold the rifle but it apparently put slight side pressure on the front sight post every time I clsoed it. I have since removed the optic now that I have the new MCarbo rear sight installed.
So I got a couple questions:

  1. is there any way I can unfuxate the sight post by bending it back?
  2. if I contact Keltec would they send me a replacement part?
  3. prior to this I never touched my front sight post. I have no idea how to adjust it up or down, left or right. What is the process? (yeah, I’m lazy too but y’all are great comprades and know I can count on you.)

Well, Iive in Louisiana and because of the Corona virus, Governor Edwards (Dem-Panic) just issued a Stay At Home order, effective tomorrow. That means I’m going to have a buttload more time to futz around with my collection of firearms that was tragically lost in a tragic boating accident.

One thing I did was get an ice-cold Miller High Life outta the icebox and went online to Kel-Tec;s site to download the owners manual for my S2K.

Here’s the screenshots for Elevation…

…and for Windage.
Sight adjust - Windage


Gerber Tools makes great stuff and they really stand behind their products. Amazing customer service. My nephew who just retired from Army SF handed me one of these puppies last year.

He said the Gerber reps at Ft Hood and other places hand these out like candy to the SpecFor guys. Anyway, adjusting the sight was a breeze with this tool.




Planning to go to Nawleans (NOLA) one more time before I die of the CHIFLU myself and unfortunately all my firearms were lost in a similar boating mishap save for my XXX9XXX. The only thing I have left is my AR sight tool whut werks pefectly on a SUB2K front sight fer some reason.

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My front sight on my S2K was stripped so I could not adjust it. I glued it in place until I just installed the red lion front sight today, very easy instal, and now with a flush sight picture this is amazing as I have the folding rear mcarbo. I ha


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Hey @A-Argh15
You’re not the only one. I am currently in your shoes and the folks in this
Forum supplied me with some excellent information.
Here is where I fundamentally went wrong! Before you start with adjustments check that the screw is tight and after making adjustments. Mine was loose and same deal, you could visually tell it wan’t centered. When I tightened the screw the first time it was really loose and the sight moved on me. It’s a bit of a nag. I left it set where it is for now because Small Game season opens here tomorrow so I will have several chances to try and sight in again.
Bottom line, your sight might be OK.