Front Sight Pivot Block


Has anyone upgraded to the Performance Services Front Sight Pivot Block? And if so, what is your experience with it?SX466


@Jperr I had one installed when I still had the stock front sight (now have Red Lion) and it did seam better (less wobble) than the stock pivot block EXCEPT you cannot adjust the sight post down as far as you can on the stock pivot block, it is flat on top.


How easy was it to install?


@Jperr I thought it was easy, just remember the orientation of the pivot spring when removing it so you can reinstall it properly. The detent under the sight post is also spring loaded so be careful when swapping the sight post over to the new pivot block that the detent dosen’t go flyin.


Always be safe! Don’t forget your eyewear… Too easy especially when one ‘figures’ that it is only a two minute ordeal… Blessings.

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