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Front Sight Adjustment

So I am noticing that the front site on my sub2k has a angle to it.
When I fold the it I have to almost guide the top of the sight into the butstock cavaty. I see people quickly colapsing there’s and ther is no way I could do that with mint as the top of the sight would get caught on the very edge on the butstock part that receives the sight… sorry if I’m not making sense I’m trying to be as discriptive as I can. I can provide pictures later once I get home.
My guess is that maybe it got knocked around a little at the shop I bought it from. It’s new but who knows how many people asked to see it you know.
So can I just carefully crack the 3/4 sight locknut and adjust myself? Take it back to the shop and ask them to adjust it straight? Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks y’all!
Looking to bump it a little to the right…
Example photo:

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