M*CARBO Brotherhood

From the DARK side, To a lighter side of life

I need to put this out there. Most times I feel like I go down the rabbit hole a dark place. I try to make sense of thing I cannot control. I and my wife live isolated life. I have no family or friends to associate with, we pretty much stay to ourselves. I go on a few forums of conversation of like minded people, No luck. Too many key board commando’s and Monday arm chair quarter backs. But wait fear not, but within good fortune and the Lord’s guidance I have found The Brotherhood. This forum is fantastic. What I’m trying to say is that I have found a home. My days are brighter. Brotherhood members that have the ability to help others here and not try to dissect or under a microscope. Some just like to bash, criticize for their own amusement. Every service men/women active or a Vet I stop and thank them for their service, cause with out them we be living in a Sanders world. God bless you all. Leave you all with this quote " Bullets are the only things that do their JOB only after they’re FIRED"


Thank you for jumping in…:v::footprints: enjoy the crew. You are with great people from all over the world here.


Hear you loud and clear!! This is the only forum I have ever joined. Have my BS in Computer Science so go figure. Found way to many sites that that just love to pile on with denigrating bombast.

Seriously, like and appreciate all the members of this forum for their helpfulness and imaginative solutions to problems. Thanks to all who are members of this site. :+1: :+1:


:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: yep best forum ever. Great people and advice !!!