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Freedom Ordnance FX9

Just wondering if any of you fine gentlemen have one of them, i purchased one for my grandson for Christmas, after cleaning and oiling it up about the only thing that I would change is the trigger it’s a stiff 7 1/2 pounds, we’ll find out how it performs this afternoon. All i can say right now is that it was worth every penny just to see his face light up on Christmas morning, it’s all he’s been talking about for the last 6 months lol


I was looking at one but ended up going CZ. CMC makes a drop in PCC trigger at about 3.5 lbs that appears to work well. A little pricey though. From what I read the FX9 is not a 100% AR design so it may have trouble with drop in replacement parts.

I went with the CZ due to massive after market support and improving the trigger would run $8 - $12 depending on which kit you bought.


How do you like the CZ . We went to the range today to sight the FX9 in im impressed with the accuracy using 115gr Blazer, about the only thing i didn’t care for was the blow back you really want to make sure that your wearing eye protection, the Ruger PCC is no where as bad. But it’s not for me to like my grandson totally loves it lol


I like the CZ but have the same issue with blowback. The indoor range I go to has very good ventilation and I still have a cloud around me. I may ask if they can kick up the flow a bit. Another range I just joined has an interesting indoor setup. 16 positions but a door that you open to use each. I was there by myself, turned the exhaust fan on and opened the door at my position. The door promptly got sucked shut. I had to prop it open. As long as not too many doors are open there ain’t gonna be any blowback near me!

I had a chance to shoot a friends Sub 2K and an acquaintance’s AR-9. Other than the Sub 2K’s bolt handle cycling right under my ear I really didn’t feel a difference. I don’t remember them well enough to compare against the CZ with its massive bolt but am sure I will have a chance to compare at least the Sub 2K against the CZ in real time.


Had a shoot on Saturday the FX9 worked really well 0 issues with it grandson smiling ear to ear, fired about 125 rounds


I have one of the FX9’s and it works great, had a magazine issue and went with a Standard Glock magazine with no problems. Installed a red dot sight and flip up sights that coco-exist with the red dot. I would like to have a better brace but don’t want to worry about federal issues.

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We’re using the magpull 17 and 27 round mags all pined at 10 rounds, grandson has shot 4 steel matches plus plinking with his FX9 about 7 hundred rounds no issues and the mags worked great

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I traded a Kel-Tec Sub2000 for the FX-9. I really love how it shoots and handles. I finally got a break in the weather and took it to the range last Thursday. Attached are photos of the shooting at 7 yds, 1


OOps hit the return too quickly. Shooting free standing with shoulder brace at 7 yards, 15 yards and 25 yards using Aguila 9mm FMJ 115 grains ammo. Don’t expect do much shooting over 15 yards. It is mounted with a Vortex Crossfire Red Dot that I laser bored sighted at 30 feet in my living room.


Try shooting off a rest you’ll be surprised