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Freedom Loving Range Days...Post‘em Up!

Just thought I would post up a few photos of my range day today. We all like photos of weapons and range days…
This afternoon I took the twins out for a little first time new shakedown…I had fun to say the least. Recoil was not harsh at all feeding #8 birdshot and then 00 buckshot.
Both shotties ran just great. I will probably order a case of #4 buckshot and continue to train up on the SW. A fun few hours at the range.

image image image


Sorry these pics are not the best…Nice range day with the wife:

blurry :frowning:


what are they like for shooting the clays you know with the short stock i imagine its harder to aim?

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@Hunter- I suppose you could shoot clays once you practice, practice, and practice and you learn how to shoot clays with it. It’s not my shotgun of choice for skeet or trap.

My 1962 Belgian made Browning superimposed 20 ga O/U that my Dad left me is my hands down favorite shotgun. Every time I hunt or shoot clays I think of him.

I can tell you I prefer these dove over clays :wink:



From a couple weeks ago. Got over 400rds through my S2k, ‘bout a hundred through the Glock. S2k is cycling flawlessly (shooting pretty good too!) no loose parts, forend and muzzle brake tight. Couldn’t be happier​:boom::boom:


My little one behind the scope and the bolt shooting static clays.


Range day, building some targets.



I’m in New Jersey and I really don’t like to go to those ranges where we have to follow what the guy is telling, “put your gun down”, “grab your magazine”… if they just install metal targets them nobody needs to walk down the range to replace the targets, so I just cross the bridge to Philadelphia and go to a shooting range and pay the $25 fee, the only thing is the distance is limited to 25 yards, can’t shoot 30-06 and I only take the 9mm, AR556 and the 30-30 level action.

On top of all that we aren’t allowed to take pictures :roll_eyes:


This is my ideal range day. I’m off work on Mondays and always have this place to myself. I can go from the long range rifle range to the pistol pits to the plate racks and never see a soul. This part is my favorite though.