"Franken-Glenfield" Model 60

A dozen years ago, I was gifted a vintage (1972) Glenfield Model 60 in nearly pristine condition. Well, life kept getting in the way and she sat in the corner of a closet for all those years. Fast forward to retirement in the Freedom State of Florida, and I decided to resurrect her since my master carpenter son had made me a custom gun bench.

Alongside the old Glenfield was a Boyd’s laminated stock, plus I had a few spare parts in my parts bin. With the old rifle disassembled, I went to work on the action - updated parts and MCarbo springs, a bit of polishing here and there, the usual stuff. She came out of surgery with a crisp 3.5 lb. trigger pull.

Finished the stock with my magic elixir of Tru-oil and ArmorAll, mounted the scope on the dovetail rings, and she is now a real eye-opener. One fella called it the “bumble bee look”. Whaddaya think ?


Beautifully done. Ive had and refinished several model 60 22 rifles over the years. But i was going for a good stock look nothing like this work of art you have posted. :+1:


As seen at Rimfire Central. Pester him. He has more!


Love the look, plays well with the trigger and guard. Forgive my OCD, please take a look at the rear scope ring before sighting it in.


Haha…Dred called me out. Ah, yes - there’s more. My bride got a refinished Anniversary Edition that ought to pick a horsefly off a watermelon :slight_smile:


Good eye, Festus - I had not secured the rig when that photo was snapped… but it’s locked down now and should hold tight.

No forgiveness required… I was just lazy and didn’t feel like a “do-over” so just went with what I already had in-camera.


I think there’s many of us that have “been there…done that”.

Come join us in A divisions, I know the wife would love to have another shooter in AS Div. (50yd rimfire rifle, spouse)


I actually made a couple more, back in the day - one for my brother and another for our youngest son.

The one I made for my brother was a labor of love that took months… a good friend made him a custom sling, a custom knife, and I put it together with some accessories in a nice Pelican case. Only my dad (and the wife) knew of this project, and pops could barely contain himself.

I shot a bit of video shortly after I flew Michigan to Texas and gave it to him, I called it the “Brothers Forever Project” since that’s what I had engraved and gold-filled into the receiver. Pardon the shaky video toward the end - it was windy out in West Texas !


Nice video production as well, very convincing! :grinning:


“Tru-oil and ArmorAll”