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Honestly, I highly doubt he even noticed. Lots of people don’t want to be mods or admins, either because that’s like a “job”. :laughing:


It does take a lot of time to keep up with all the post and new topics.


Yes, it can. I’m more just on the prowl for bad behavior and, thankfully, I haven’t been busy at all.


This is a really good group of folks on here and very helpful. I will leave the problem children to you so I can concentrate on keeping the content somewhat organized. I have retired the “danger Will Robinson”.


Yeah, I got that a few times myself for OT stuff. :rofl:


From now on I will only jump in if the post are so far off topic that it would be better in another topic or it’s own post.


What do you think of the FUN THINGS area? It seems to be going very well, Boomchucker suggested it.


The “Fun Things” category? I like it. It’s cool to have a separate area for other interests.


I really want the folks to feel free to start topics but try to put them where they belong or check to see if there is already one there. How do you feel about the closed topics. Should they be left open for posting or as a read only. I have been going 30 days without activity before closing them.

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If it were me, I’d just leave them open. Most other forums don’t automatically close threads after a certain time and it doesn’t really seem to cause problems.

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Then the issue of when do I delete them all together. I hate to delete something that had a lot of traffic but if it’s been awhile then all it’s doing is taking up space.

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Has that actually been identified as a problem from Chris regarding storage space? Deleting content just kills off the “history” of the forum and removes good info that a new person might find in a search.


the basic package allows for 100k views a month and 10gb of storage. last month 63k views and at this time we are only using 1.05gb of storage, this is new info for me so I am going to open all the closed topics until we get close on storage then look at them again.


Interesting stats. I wonder why there’s a limit on views. It’s not like they take up space or really use any resources. I’d keep the stuff with good content and just clear out the fluff.

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Not sure unless it has to do with bandwidth and usage of time. Have the honey do list waiting ttyl


because each one is seen as being a single connecting and handling action/transaction.

that sounds a bit like “conjunction junction”. If you know what that was. lol


@jeffing65 “What’s your function?”

Anyone my age knows Schoolhouse Rock. :+1:


hahaha… YEP!! hahahaha… thats awesome well done!!


Jeff, this could get to close to the no-go area. I want the forum to be open to many things but I can see this being a problem. Certain quotes might be misunderstood and taken as offensive. I like the idea of inspiring others. I just don’t want to offend anyone by accident. Not saying that you would do it but others might get carried away. I live by the dog one. Let’s hold off for now and give the forum a little more time to get it’s feet firmly on the ground.


i completely understand. I considered that very problem as well. (with no solution to its pits and downfalls I might add) it is one of those things that have no way of being constrained and kept in some kind of productive or useful context.
I had given it alot of thought.
In addition to that. i can also see it as just being to general and rhetorical
thus creating a bunch of hash that clogs and impedes the site. not keeping at the center of what we really are, where we’re going, and want to be.


and P.S. good morning