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If you have a suggestion on how to make the forum better please submit it here.

If you have a complaint about the forum please submit it here.

Please don’t use foul language and understand we are all in this together to make the forum work for us all. Thank you


I was in another forum for years before it was shuttered and everyone was pretty close. Every year we collaborate on a venue and have a meet and greet kind of get together. Go out to eat, see the area kind of thing. It would be pretty cool if we could start an annual MCARBO Brotherhood cookout or something and change the venue from state to state to alleviate the travel costs on members. Like the first one could be in Florida or whatever.


An ‘Off Topic’ section to bring up other stuff guys are interested in. Like who builds restores cars, who bbq’d what on Memorial Day, gone fishing stories, etc. there’s more to talk about than The Gun. (I been playing drums for 57 years, ain’t nobody out there wanna hear one of my tunes???:drum:) More reason to come here for, bond, make friends, stay longer…:+1:


That isn’t a bad idea. If you like please start a topic in announcement to see if others are interested


A photo contest. Looking over at (the main site not the forum) personally, I think the photos showing the parts for sale on the site could use some love (i.e. look more compelling for purchase). And who loves this stuff more than us?? Anyway, pics of the parts on and off the gun, good enough for use on the commercial website. Winner(s) get…to pick next products MCARBO makes📸


I do like the photo contest part, the winner getting to pick the next product made that might be hard to sell. I will take it up with Chris and see what he thinks. Thank you


That part was a a joke really. Be nice though😜

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I have talked to Chris about contest and putting up special discounts to the winner or t-shirts or a part for a gun. So we will see what happens.


Is there going to be any further organization of the forum? It seems like there is usually a separate table of contents for each category with the most active threads and the pinned posts staying at the top with just the upper part of each all viewable on a main page at once.


we are still learning how to use this format, If it’s possible then we will get more organized.


I have made this Suggestion in the past’ It’s a Outstanding Idea’ A huge Meet&Greet&Beer and Burgers at M*CARBO Land! And get to meet The Founders of this Great Company and it’s Members of Our Brotherhood!
I’d Fly down From AK for this Event!:smiley:


A trading post would be cool. People could also donate prizes to a monthly giveaway. A shooting challenge thread where people can post challenges and people can post response videos proving they did it.


Already done. We have a category for just that sort of thing. Just go in and put in your topic and have fun

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I will check with Chris to see if it’s alright to have a trading post

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Kona I haven’t heard back from Chris. I just emailed him and had a few questions for him hopefully I get a response.


Chris really likes the photo contest concept. Great suggestion.


Because of and in support of Kenneth i’m just throwing this in right quick ( and thanks for directing me here).

as we, the members, are trying to learn what were doing and cope with quick expansion and growth, there is an admin. and control center point that every moment of our “collective whole” is heard, compiled, organized, considered, processed, adjusted, guided, etc and then in return answered.
I can only guess at the real number of hours and the sheer number of actions required to make the site we all like so much actually live and function as an entity.

To that end always remember that little light that always burns. It is that spark that gives it ( i.e. us ) all life.

 thank you Kenneth!!!

I dont envy you your task.


Thank you, I do this because I enjoy the interaction with the members and the wealth of information that is shared here. This is a new thing for me too I never tried to undertake a task like this before. When Chris asked if II would be the administrator I was surprised because there are a few guys who have been here longer then I have. It’s a volunteer spot and I will try to do the best I can until I can’t do it anymore or I am asked to stepdown. So feel free to provide any input you see fit. Again thank you


I think Chris goes by level of activity, not how long one has been a member. He wants the staff to be actively participating because you can’t moderate if you’re not here. That’s how I got my position. Chris asked me if I wanted to be a mod back when the forum first started because I’d been pretty active on the facebook M*CARBO Brotherhood page. I never answered him because I forgot about it but, when I remembered later, I told him I was game if he still needed me. All of the moderator slots were taken and Chris said he only had four. He gave me someone else’s moderator slot because that person wasn’t active at all.


That is good to know, I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes being the new guy at the time.