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Forum Being Censored


So I was at Disney this weekend on noticed while on Disney’s Free WiFi I could not access the forum. I thought I may be down for maintenance or something but thought we would have received a heads up if that was the case. So left wing Disney has the forum blocked and I’m sure they are not the only ones. Just thought I would let the brotherhood know.


I bet they blocked anything gun related
¯\ (ツ)


@Flogrown thanks for sharing that Brother. Site wasn’t down. They censored it. Can’t say I’m surprised. Good to know.


Very, very, very common. Schools, libraries, hospitals, etc block tons of things all the time. Some websites get around it by having “alternate” URLs which are completely unrelated to what the website is actually about.


It seems most open wi-fi access points excludes any kind of porn, even our beloved gun porn :smiley:


If you run a VPN, and that includes phones, you can go anywere because everything’s encrypted before the host even sees it. They have no idea what you’re doing. :+1:


IpVanish, is what I currently use. Works great and I feel more secure online. @Wedge makes a great point.


@SwishaHouse That’s good to know I’m not really too tech savvy so I will look into this. Seems stupid that you would even have to do that. I just got tired of all the BS you should be able to access whatever you want, if you don’t want to see it then don’t go there.


I’ve heard that’s a good one. I personally use Private Internet Access or “PIA” as it’s more commonly known. It’s been great for me after 3+ years. I got a nastygram from my internet provider about downloading TV shows/movies and that’s the exact day I learned about VPNs. Now I look like some unknown, completely encrypted chode in Witchita, Chicago, Seattle, etc to them and the snoops on the torrent sites. :laughing:


I guess I got “voluntarily censored” by my own doing… I revisited a post and found myself making another comment about myself and my lack of hair. The SYSTEM had advised me that the open topic was obviously important to me because I had posted/invested 21% of my time there? This SMART-SYSTEM then proceeded to ask if I had wished to continue (as if the continuance of my comments would keep others from having an allotted amount of space to be allocated to be issued? I ended up aborting my personal comment!) I found that funny.


@lonewolf it’s not about you being censored or the site having enough space allotted. It’s about people (especially new members not familiar) coming to the site and seeing a specific thread and expecting to see posts related to the thread topic in that thread. Staying on topic is important to the hierarchy of the forum. It’s impossible to stay on topic 100% of the time so there will be occasions where its not as strictly enforced. I’ve deleted my own posts for violations as well. If you feel like an inordinate amount of your posts are being deleted, then you should evaluate the content of your posts in relation to their relevancy in a given thread before posting. :+1:t2:


@Kona, Thank you for the explaination, being new to ‘forum country!’ I understand that it is all part of learning. That is why that I never feel criticism ‘hard to swallow!’ I really understand the idea of treating all members as though one is in the same room with a loaded gun. I always try to put myself at both ends of the conversation. The tone of writing is always a challenge to control because “excitement” seems to always derail the moment. One will find that in vocal communication as well…