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Forend bolt and locknut sets

Does m*carbo make the bolt and nuts for the forend in the same material as the grip set? I replaced some of the worn out ones(had to drill out the worst one that was completely rounded out) with ones i bought at home depot.
They work but the nuts only came in stainless and the bolts are glossy and don’t match.


Ck on the web’ for Hobby Stuff and Parts /nuts and bolts! (look For Metric 3mm Ionized colored aluminum(Button Head and Allen Head bolts) and Nyloc nut’s ) They come in different colors and sizes you need ! (3x10 for the grip screws 3x20 for the Forearm)


Great tip. :+1:

I’ve found all sorts of fasteners on the R/C car websites that I use on my R/C helicopters. For some reason, the R/C car guys stock a lot more types of hardware and make it easier to find.


There ya Are! Yes they do’ Although it took me a while to figure the layout on their menu,I went the hard way and started looking at the 5000 nuts and bolts they offer’ When i changed the Search for key words Ionized and Aluminum Metric !! Made my Life at Easier !:sunglasses: