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For those that have the Glock 43X or 48 MOS. Best appendix holsters

So I just purchased and received my new Glock 43X MOS. I have not been a Glock fan, but with the release of the 43X MOS and the 48 MOS with the available 15 round Shield magazines, it peaked my interest.

I have to say that it just feels right in what I would call medium hands, and with the addition of the Swampfox Sentinal red dot, I am very accurate with this pistol. I liked it so much, I ordered the 48 MOS.

Long story longer, I am looking for an appendix holster and wanted to know what you have and love for the 43x or 48. Thanks.


@em44052 I have 2 43x and love them I use a crossbreed IWB and OWB but I don’t hace MOS model so I don’t think they will work but for my G19 I run a tier 1 appendix with spare mag https://www.tier1concealed.com/


@Whitehammer, you are the second person to mention Tier1. I have a buddy that loves his. The only issue is I am waiting to see when Surefire will come out with the TLR-7 Sub light. I do not want to get such an expensive holster if I plan to run a light.

Do you know if Tier1 makes holsters that accommodate weapon lights?


@em44052 yes sir they do. With rail and without