For The Love Of Pets!

A bit of sad news, last week our Ozzy has developed a prostate issued. It is enlarged, he can still go to the washroom but is having a difficult time. We brought him to the vet emergency clinic as our vet was not available and her flight was delayed due to a snow storm that closed airports.
By the vets recommendation we have anti-inflammatory and penicillin to administer and a cream for his eyes.
Been a week no improvement. We just picked up more antibiotic pills and he goes for an ultrasound tomorrow. He already lost 2 pounds.
Hoping the ultrasound will help to diagnose the next steps.
I’m hopeful the antibiotics will sort it out, might take up to 16 weeks.
I’m going to inquire about his food, maybe put him on diet that works to have his stool pass over the swollen prostate more easily and that he might also enjoy much more than his dry food, which a quality brand and meets his age requirements.
Ozzy is 13 years old, 14 in June of this year. I think that equates to 91 in human years. I’d say he is doing very sell for a senior. We never had any significant expenses on him all these years so I’m not concerned of how much it cost at this time. He’s a trooper!


@Moosecall sorry to hear about that brother. My dogs are my children and my 10 year old chihuahua Teddy has been sick for weeks and the ER vet diagnosed her with kidney failure and said she had 6 months to live. We left the vet on Thursday and a little after midnight she took her last breath and died in my arms. My wife and I are beyond devastated and not handling it well at all. She was my absolute best friend and my entire world.


Brother, I am so sorry to hear about your BEST friend Teddy passing. Myself and I know several others here on this Forum know very much what your feeling right now. I am so glad this “For The Love Of Pets” post was started. So glad to hear you could be with Teddy to the end. That’s what I want also.
Stay strong!


When I sweat it smells exactly like West Epoxy…18 years of shipwright work does that …:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sorry for your loss @Kona. My prayers are with you brother. Its never easy atleast we allways got all the great memories of the time we do have with our beloved pets. Were here for you.


Sorry to hear about Ozzy. Hopefully the vets will get something figured out for you brother.


Ask the vet about some of the treatments may help in any way. I’m sure you have you or two of them around the homestead…


It is the most difficult part of loving your furry family members… I will pray.


@Kona dont give up hope logan my partner has a cat vet gave it weeks to live recomended putting it to sleep that was about 5 years ago and he still going but on special diet , it also had to do with kidneys


@hunter1916 I’m not trying to be a dink or insensitive to @Kona, but I think you missed the part where he said his dog passed shortly after the vet visit. Sorry for your loss Logan. My dog isn’t getting any younger, especially for the breed (Rottweiler). I’m not prepared for the day he’s no longer with me.


@Kona Very sorry to hear of your loss. Our pets are our special world with unlimited love…and that’s the best.


my bad i read it wrong sorry for the loss bro


TYVM, I’m printing out the link you supplied to have with me today to converse with the vet on natural medicinal options. Ozzy has been neutered.
The new antibiotics didn’t sit well with Ozzy, He was sick last night a couple times.
We cannot give him anything to eat until after the ultrasound today.


Good luck to yours and OZZY.


I almost hate to post this. That decision that no pet owner wants to make is rapidly approaching for us concerning our beloved Norwegian Elkhound…

Pets, it turns out, also have last wishes before they die, but only known by veterinarians who put old and sick animals to sleep.

I asked our vet once what was the most difficult part of her job.

She answered without hesitation that it was the hardest for her to see how old or sick animals look for their owners, seeking the eyes of their owners before going to sleep.

The fact is that 90 % of owners don’t want to be in a room with a dying animal. People leave so that they don’t see their pet leave.

But they don’t realize that it’s in these last moments of life that their pet needs them most.

Most Veterinarians ask the owners to be close to the animals until the very end, nad usually have a dedicated room for this. ′It’s inevitable that they die before us. Don’t forget that you were the center of their life. Maybe they were just a part of you. But they are also your family. No matter how hard it is, don’t leave them.

Don’t let them die in a room with a stranger in a place they dont know.

It is very painful to see how pets cannot find their owner during the last minutes of their life. They don’t understand why the owner left them. After all, they needed their owner’s consolation.

A Vet may do everything possible to ensure that animals are not so scared, but the cold fact is the Vet is a complete stranger to them.

Don’t be a coward because it’s too painful for you.

Think about your fur-baby. Endure this pain for the sake of their sake. Be with them until the end, because that is exactly where they need you to be.

All their lives they loved us, a pure love, that sadly humans will never know. They pass no judgments, they do not know evil, they spend a large amount of their time waiting for us to come home to them; they are the perfect example of God’s love.

Our Furry Family members were brought into our lives by Almighty God, for what purpose only He knows. Scripture tells us that the life-force of the animals is the Angelic Host ( The Host of Angels ), and if Angels do indeed live among us, as I believe they do, then surely our furry companions are counted among them.

Be there for them, in their darkest moments, for they were with you through all of yours.


@SnuffySmiff Im sorry for your Elkhound brother. I too have an Elkhound. She’ll be 5 in June.


I was with both of mine until the end, figured it was the least I could do since I was powerless to save them. Probably one the hardest emotional hurdles I’ve ever had to clear. I was always afraid their last thought would be, “I thought we were friends, why are you doing this to me?” When the vet indicated their pulses ceased, I remember sitting there in complete silence with tears streaming down my face. I felt empty and I was so angry with myself…the one time my buddies really needed me, I couldn’t help them. I had failed them and I was powerless. I felt like a foolish little boy who’d lost his dog.

I owe those two dogs so much. Their collars and tags still hang by the door, just in case they ever find their way home…


Been there done that-too many times. Hurts more every time it happens. I keep saying never again, then I do it again anyway.


We had the vet come to our home the last time. It was much less stressful for the dog who lay in my lap on his own bed. Not all vets will do this but it is worth asking- or finding one who will.


I had the vet takes pics of me and my last two cats as they died in my arms after the injection…:rofl::rofl::rofl: