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Folding Latch in the way?

What do you do when you have the longest LOP and the folding latch is still in the way of a proper cheek weld, WITHOUT MODIFICATION? What would be a good slip-on cover you could easily remove for a latched fold?


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Everybody loves options:

We have the “humor me” solution - suck it up buttercup
Or the “well duh” - cut off the offending tab or order the gen 1 part without the tab
Or the “mount it differently” - push your face forward till you get that cold, hard metal tube pressed to your cheek

I chose the “well duh”. Sliced the tab right off and I don’t miss it at all. If I’m carrying it folded the most comfortable grip secures the forend to the bolt tube holding it securely folded. Same same in my case. And, the tab is not used when firing. As an added benefit, ditching the tab eliminates a complex motor skill from the act of readying to punch holes from the folded condition - it’s faster and much less fumbly to deploy.

If you watch enough youtubes, you will find a Kel Tec employee demonstrating how to mount the Sub2k and get a sight picture. Basic factory authorized solution is the “mount it differently.”

Latchless example:


The “mount it differently” approach worked. Not only that, but when the cold steel made my eyes pop open, the factory sights were perfectly aligned. One of these days, when they let people start living again, I’ll have to take it to the range. Sorry for the newbie questions.