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Folding Foregrips

Folding Foregrips, Foregrips that fold. Anybody have them? Anybody use them? If so, what brand and what experiences do you have with them, good and bad?

For example, I have some cheaper ones that I’m OK with I guess. They kind of wiggle a little bit due to the folding ability. Was wondering if the better brands are more stable, or do they all wiggle?



FAB Defense is a higher end brand that makes some nice quality polymer folding grips. I have had one for a while that I have used with no complaints but it has a tiny bit of wiggle because it is hinged. I went to a Magpul angled forward grip but not because of the wiggle.


@dave67, Thanx for the input.

That is one of the one’s that I’m looking into. I want to have a folding grip for the compactness. The cheap ones I have aren’t terrible, just don’t really trust them to hold up for too long. Seems airsoft quality. But…don’t want to spend the $40-50 on the Fabs (or insert other brand here) if it feels the same as my $15 one’s. But if the quality is worth it, OK then. That’s why I’m turning to The Brotherhood.

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Ok. I ordered the Fab Defence from shootingsurplus.com

Good price too. A website worth checking out. They have a message about a Covid delay, but it came today, about 4 days. Gotta say I’m impressed with the Fabs. So much better than the cheapos. Note to self.

Quit buying cheap parts. Costs more in the long run.

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