FN Herstal customer support?

Has anyone in the brotherhood had interaction with FN’s customer service? Any luck contacting them and getting any kind of response?

I discovered just last weekend that there are two recalls on the FN 502 I purchased recently. I’ve attempted to contact FN (as per instructions) in order to get this sorted and have had no luck to date. I’ve called every day this week, never getting to speak with an actual human, forced to leave messages which are never returned. I would think that if a customer called about a gun you know is defective, that you manufactured, you’d be “Johnny on the spot” in addressing that for the sake of safety, support of your product as well company reputation.


@chilipepper You probably have tried all three below, but just wanted to make sure…

Phone: 800-635-1321 ext. 144
Phone: 800-635-1321 and select option 4
Email: 502Recall@fnamerica.com


Yep, all but the email. Decided to try some of the other departments from the phone menu and, after numerous attempts to speak with their training department (apparently just one guy named Bill), I may have managed to get somewhere.

First off, Bill indicated that their phone system is kind of $hit, which makes a bit of sense given my experience thus far. Knowing this also makes me wonder if maybe no one is even getting the messages I’ve left for the past four days, hence no response.

Bearing in mind that this situ is not really Bill’s responsibility, he gave me his personal cell number to call him (to avoid the aforementioned $hit system) and gave me his direct corp email, stating that he will forward my issue on (and CC me) in order to address the recall issue. I’m nominating Bill for employee of the month, I think.

We’ll see what shakes out but I’ve got some faith in Bill, he stepped up when no one else did.


There are a lot of crappy business’ around that are only in business because they have a few like Bill to keep them going.

I read a sign on an entrance to a restaurant recently from the staff to the customers… went something like “Don’t be rude or mad at us, we are the ones that showed up today”.


Customer service sure isn’t what it used to be…


Yeah, actually, customer service is still customer service. FN is a european company. You should be happy that 1. it isn’t August, and 2. they even bothered to inform you there may be an issue.

I laugh HARDILY every time I hear a European complain about “ugly” Americans. You do realize that you’d be scoffed if you asked for a second ice cube for your warm coke.

Europe is nearly first world, but I worry they may have been at this first world thing a bit longer than recommended.


It is, but I’m calling FN America (yes, a sub), they should be able to handle an issue with their guns.

They didn’t, I read it in a review of the gun that I hadn’t seen prior to purchase. It suggested a test for the issue, but then I discovered what appeared to be a second potential issue with the safety mechanism, prompting me to attempt contact (what fool me).

My gun seems to work fine, including the manual safety. 300 rounds of mixed brands, weights and projectile types without a single hitch. Accurate out of the box and a blast to shoot. But if there’s an issue with the gun that I can’t diagnose/repair, I’d like 'em to fix it.


Quick update. I got a CC’d email from Bill at around 7:30am this morning, forwarding my information on to the appropriate department, just as he promised. Additionally, he remarked in the email, and I quote, “You have my personal cell number; do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any further questions.” And this isn’t even his responsibility. FN should give this guy a raise.

At the moment, I think we could do with a few more Bills in the world.


Get his boss’ email address and send a glowing review of Bill. It may help him during a performance/salary review. I do this as much as I can.


I’ve actually been thinking a bit about Bill’s job since yesterday. I believe I mentioned he’s involved in their training program, which means he spends a lot of time at the gun range. Shooting guns. And getting paid for it. I’ll let that sink in… :grinning:


Back in the early 2000’s I had a manufacturer’s rep group and FNH-USA was one the factories my company rep’d. We had both the commercial and LE side and they had a big push to get guns into LE. They had some great products, including their sniper rifle line-up. The biggest issue they had was customer service. It was almost non-existent. LE requires a tremendous amount of support. Parts, training and someone on the phone at the factory being a large part of any LE contract. FN fell flat on their face when it came to that stuff. Looks like nothing has changed.


Another quick update. Got a phone message from FN just before lunch today. Returned the call and, shocker, actually got through to a human this time. Anyway, a case has been opened for my 502 and a prepaid UPS shipping label and instructions are awaiting me in my email. The only downside is, they have a huge backlog as apparently the 502 has been quite a good seller so far. I was told it could take a month to get the gun back, with no guarantees on time.

Still feel like I’d be leaving messages and spiking my blood pressure if it wasn’t for Bill.


Just thought I’d give another update on the FN situation for the sake of the thread.

As stated, the recall service took about a month, no worries here as long as it’s fixed and safe when I get it back. Just after lunch today I received a UPS shipping notification that the 502 is headed back my way (or will be shortly). Thanks again to Bill Buie for lighting a fire under the appropriate asses to get the ball rolling.

Interested to get this gun back as it ran flawlessly and was quite a bit of fun to shoot as well.