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FN Five seveN with a streamlight TLR-1 light question

Ok I own my very first dedicated pistol flashlight, ner had one before, so im trying to set this up correctly and i have a question.
this is fitting to my FN Five seveN
the TLR 1 comes with 4 different lock keys, GL (glock) UNIVERSAL rail, 1913 Mil std (Picatinny), SW -TSW &99, and Beretta -90two
ok my question, the Glock and 1913 rail keys work, but both are respectively 1/2 slot and full slot away from where i would like it positioned, which is 1/16" in front of the trigger guard. I could redrill the hole thru on the 1913 key, and with a lil filing, flip it backwards (less than 1/32") moving the key back one slot which would put me in easy reach left handed/one handed to energize . right now with it one slot fwd i have to stretch to energize or 2 hand it… what have yall done in the past?
I am lovin it by the way. just feeling my way thru.

see the distance between the trigger guard and the butt of the light??


This on my glock 17L. Great light small almost no weight. Enough to clear house and light the driveway.


I have the Valkyrie P1 2 for my Glock 19, and the PL 2 two battery model for the sub. Much brighter yet. Both are great. Olight rocks.


@GOBLIN hey good buddy welcome to the world of tactical illumination!

This is a TLR2 same size case as yours, I have it mounted all the way in on the wife’s PPQ due to her shorter finger length. I like mine a bit further out since my fingers are longer. I would use the shims to find where you most comfortable. I would NOT drill anything until I had practiced with it for awhile first. :grin::+1:


@Johnksg I put it on the shim i didnt think fit John , I was being a clutz, cause the shim did fit, the Beretta 90two, and it slid it back perfect for my left index finger tip, and the lock key is tight in the rail slot, the grip to the front of the trigger guard, on the FN is a lil bit longer tha on the H&K USP the sim move put it dead flush with the width of the trigger guard.

I was hoping that the light would be behind the edge of the barrel insted of slightly fwd of it, how often do you have to clean the lens and light to keep from it getting skuffed /sooted up by carbon?


@GOBLIN it is surprisingly easy to wipe off even after many rounds. Try a TRL3 or a TRL4 they are much shorter.


@Johnksg Next light will be on the USP brother, i will probably get the 4, cause they dont make a good adapter rail for the 1/2 anymore. and the adapter is the lock key :+1::+1::+1: