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Flip up or not which to choose

Have a red dot coming in was wondering if i need backup sights. If so which ones fiton my ruger pc chassis


In all the firearms that I have which have a red dot or a scope I have never needed to resort to backup sights. I don’t bother with them anymore. Buy quality, keep mounts tight as they should be and don’t needlessly abuse them and you’ll be fine.


I use flip up sights as back ups and for short distances with scopes. Don’t buy cheap ones, I bought aluminum flip up sights about $30 and they can’t hold zero at all, To much movement with sight adjuster side to side. All 3 I have now are Magpul, they hold zero great! Good luck


I have the magpul BUIS, I don’t like them but they beat nothing, they work OK and they truly are just to keep the rifle from becoming a stick should a major fail/ damage occur.
I keep any tools need to fix or remove and a micro tube of lock tite in my grip storage
Use a piece of good packing foam to stick the allen/torx etc. in to keep out the rattles

Oh and BE CERTAIN to Zero them… if you are in a situ where you need them be sure they GTG.

I have 2 occasions where they came into play. 1. an expensive scope just decided to fog and 2. rifle slid off a hood and hit right on a rock shattering the glass.

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Heck I’m even putting buis on my 6.5 creedmoor ar build. Don’t buy cheap ones what ever you do. I run KAC rear usmc, and a magpul pro front sight with a blitzkrieg point post. Both of those irons survived being tossed 5 feet in the air (wind gust on shooting mat) and landing on the irons on my ar15 at a appleseed.Optics will fail eventually, always good to learn on irons too. And as stated before ZERO them first so they are good to go.


I went to these. from another brand. Love em solid as a rock no drift or bounce. I always run backups, I break stuff. I know that .


Outta likes. But speaking of likes, I do like the looks of these sights, even the fixed ones. They have some other cool products as well. Bookmarked for future use. :+1:

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