Flip Up Mount For Picatinny Rail


Looking for a mount to kit my red dot on that flips out of the way. I can only find ones with a 30mm scope mount. Just looking for something cheap to mount my Bushnell TRS 25 on. Mounting on my Sub with 420 forend.



Are you handy? I ask because I have not seen a flip to side mount for a picatinny that is flush enough to the picatinny to allow folding. I have two magnifiers on flip to side mounts but neither would allow the Sub with 420 to fold.

The Red Lion forend is the aluminum option that allows folding with mounted optic. The MI mount an the soon to be released M*CARBO mount accomplish your objective but neither will work on your 420 forend.

Your options are to build your own door hinge mount (search it here and KTOG), run irons, forgoe folding, run on an offset mount or run with a QD mount. I absolutely considered the 420 but I kept the factory plastic forend in anticipation of the M*CARBO Mount’s release.

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I’ve seen the door hinge mod but didn’t look at it enough to see if I like it. I might try to rig something up with my current mount and a smaller spring loaded hinge. Don’t care if the hinge partially closes onto the bolt tube when folded. Just want to make sure it’s sturdy enough to remain closed when sight is in use.


That’s why we’re all anxiously awaiting the release of the new MCARBO optic flip mount. :+1:


Waaaay up near the top of this thread, I asked once if the new optic mount could/would be adapted for a pic rail. Namely the KT 420 forend which I have installed on my S2k. If I were to guess now, I’d say no because that forend is really not prolific enough in the market to warrant re-engineering the bolt on receiver part to adapt to it. Besides me, there may be couple three/four brothers here with that forend?

Anyway, I’m interested in the M when it comes out👍


Just putting it out there … I would absolutely buy a 420 ‘cept I already knew I wanted Chris’ hinge mount. I’m hopeful that with the impending success of the hinge mount Chris’ next Sub 2000 project will be a 420 like forend that includes the hinge apparatus. I’d throw Red Lion money at him plus a handsome tip 'cause it’d be like he read my mind.


Milton, you must believe in subliminal messaging??? What if one plays a record ‘backwards (instead of Satanic messaging!’) :thinking::+1::+1:


Here’s what I came up with for my flip up red dot mount for my 420. It’s a Buris flip up that had a scope ring on and it’s used for mounting a magnifier. Removed the scope ring and added a three slot picatinny rail. Mounted my red dot on its side and it’s seems to co-witness with the rear sight. Only issue is that only one bolt hole lined up. Will have to look for another one that isn’t drilled. Added my red dot and seems to be pretty sturdy. Yes, it folds but doesn’t lock, which isn’t a big deal because it didn’t lock because of the 420 forend. Will try to file down some to close a little tighter.


Just a few more pics of mount with red dot. Uploading: C3D318D7-E13A-4171-8DD0-660C5B36CF98.jpeg… Uploading: 8157EC49-74BE-47EF-A089-C49FCC167B42.jpeg…

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Very nice set-up, Brian! :+1:


Thanks. Still need to grind some material out and will be making my own rail. Only one bolt hole lined up. Found a rail that has an area that is slotted or drilled to use. Will post more pics once mods are completed.


No one knows personal comfort than one’s own self, don’t you think? I know it will turn out wonderful, Brian! Good luck with your endeavor!

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Will be posting an update and parts list for anyone interested in making a flip up mount for their Kel-Tec 420 forend. Just need to get to hardware store to get some bolts. Living in the northeast, shoveling took priority today.


Flip up red dot mount for Kel-Tec 420 forend.

  1. Barska adjustable height flip-up ring. $32 on Amazon
  2. Warne one piece base Browning bar.
    $16 on Amazon

Remove scope ring from Barska mount. Cut Warne mount to length and attach to Barska mount. I used small flat head Allen screws with a washer, lock washer, and nut. Add your red dot and adjust as needed.
Uploading: BD9EA7DB-F450-4E10-B36E-D4DC195ABA67.jpeg… image Uploading: 0154B117-C907-4E7E-8D94-D3267CDC2D03.jpeg…



Clever idea…


I purchased this today as well! I couldn’t find the rail section so I went with a 3 slot section from stingr it looked like it would work. Guess I’ll find out when it arrives!


I purchase the rail from Amazon.

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