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Flat Trigger vs. Curved Trigger?

I’m a fan of the flat trigger. I have them on all my AR’s and S2K’s.


@DeckArtist This all comes down to personal preference and everyone will have a different opinion. If you are considering a flat trigger you won’t know if you like it or not untill you try one. A flat trigger just doesn’t feel right on my finger, my finger is curved so a curved trigger just feels better to me.


i know this is an oldie, but curious to get any recent opinions. I opted for a curved trigger because thats what im used to, and wasnt up for experimentation when i ordered my sub. I like the idea of a little nub on the bottom to give positive location. [quote=“russ, post:17, topic:1471”]

I didnt see that on the Mcarbo version. The other positive i see in favor of flat, is if you are wearing gloves, there looks to be a better clearance getting your finger in the guard ? Maybe thats not typical? I am aware, for a price you can also accomplish that with a fully adjustable setup.

Well the ‘new to me’ Glock 19 I just bought has a more flat trigger and I like it fine. I have deck builder fingers with nowhere near the curve the stock trigger has. The ‘flat’ trigger has enough curve at the end to fit me fine so I am going with that one.