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Flat Trigger vs Curved Trigger?


All Things SUB-2000!
Looking into order the Spring upgrade kit this weekend for the sale and was wanting some opinions on which trigger to get. Pros and Cons of each. Thanks

Consolidation of Trigger Group Installation INFO: A suggested reading list for first time S2K trigger installers

@BigNick I got the curved trigger because my Glock companion to my Sub-2000 in .40 has a curved trigger so going back n forth between the two is a smooth transition. My only gun with a straight trigger is my AR which I do like, it has a lighter trigger pull. Straight triggers might work better with lighter trigger pulls because you have less finger contact with the trigger.


Agree. I have the flat trigger and love it! The reduction in rearward effort was noticeable to me. Recommend it!


I have the flat trigger on mine and love it. At least for me a flat trigger pretty much negates improper finger placement and makes for a lighter trigger pull feel


I have the same situation, my normal carry gun, and the one I carried on duty for years is a Glock 27 in 40 cal. Besides the compatibility issue of interchangeable caliber and magazines, the similarity in trigger geometry is just as important to me when transitioning from one weapon to the other. Like you I also have a flat trigger in my AR-15, a Ruger SR556E. I use a geiselle two stage with an initial trigger pull of 2 1/2 lbs followed by 2 lb final stage. Light, accurate and fast for follow up shots.


@KM55 With the order I just placed I will have just about every internal upgrade for the S2k available but the only thing installed so far is just the trigger spring kit. I am going to install the new trigger bar only initially so I can evaluate it alone. I am curious if it will change the weight of the pull by itself. I have been playing with my new Lyman pull gauge and have been getting a 5.6 lb. average. I opted for the curved target trigger…


Flat, hands down, I thought it was stupid at first when I saw flat triggers but after shooting with the flat trigger on an AR, I wanted flat trigger for all, it does make a huge difference in feel to me so there’s no going back😁


The first flat trigger I bought was purely by chance. The trigger kit I wanted for an AR upgrade was out of stock with the standard curved trigger. Man, am I glad it was. Have converted 7 triggers to flat triggers now. They, in my opinion, have a better, more controllable feel to them than a curved trigger even when they have all the same internals.


The flat trigger option is what I will be ordering.


I like curved triggers. The pad of my finger is round not flat. Also I find my finger naturally falls into the same place each time on a curved trigger. With a flat trigger I feel my finger is in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have a reference to place it in the same spot each time.

I haven’t noticed a difference in pull weight either.


I originaly replaced OEM with the curved trigger. TO me it felt like it pinched the bottom of my finger.
in the latest work with the trigger bar and polishing marathon I did this past weekend i changed to flat trigger.

I do agree to the flat trigger having a better mechanical advantage. I did notice one thing about the flat trigger is that it dragged on the MC trigger guard at the end of travel. Not alot and only noticed when eyes closed meditating trying to figure out where any additional tuning of the"inners" had to be done.
I guess that is why god let Dremel do what Dremel does.
it :feels like it moves more parallel to the barrel.


Amen !!! I think it gives more mechanical advantage and more “gun control”.


Love the flat trigger. It seems more ‘direct’ pull but I don’t know what to compare it to. Night and freakin day over the OEM though.:boom::boom:


Researched for a replacement for my Armalite AR-15, and came upon this Canadian company called Trigger Tech (triggertech.com). For reasons I can not explain I ordered the flat trigger variation. WOW!! wish that I could upgrade all my weapons to flat trigger.

How it works.

Ad states 5.5 lbs, but it feels like 2.5 lbs. Smooth, solid break with little noticeable effort. So it was a no-brainer to order the flat trigger for my S2K. What a difference it made in shooting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


along with the recoil and muzzle flip triggers are important just bumping this up


I like the flat trigger over the curved, I feel like there is more control with the flat.


Amen bro.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


In HIGH SCHOOL i dated A lady that could be considered a Flat trigger. OH MY GOD she laid a CURVE ball on me.
I love her to death to this day !!!


All of these posts are not making my decission any easier. Lol.