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Fix for Sub2K charging handle

All Things SUB-2000! Has anyone modified the detent position for the charging handle hold open. I use paracord to hold it, however, the lost seconds to loosen the cord could cause bad consequences in a home defense situation.

Wondering if anyone has used a dremel tool to increase the charging handle detent depth to reduce the chance the charging handle slams forward unintentionally.


Is it not holding on it’s own?


Hey san,

When I place the rifle in my gun bag or lay it on the left side, the bolt releases unexpectedly. Nearly got my fingers a couple of times.


@Goober6291 I haven’t really thought about increasing depth of the lock slot but I wouldn’t see a real problem doing it. I don’t lock mine back and if I’m using it in the house I just rely on the safety


I see now. Like @Whitehammer, I don’t really lock the bolt back either. but it looks like you should be able to Dremel it a bit but at angle and not straight.


In a home defense situation, do you really want to betray your position by letting a perp hear the bolt slam closed? Seems to me it’s better to be prepared to shoot instantly if necessary and keep a round in the chamber with the safety on.


The sound of the bolt slamming forward isn’t as intimidating as a shotgun being racked and I wouldn’t want to waste time slapping the charging handle down. I just leave it charged with the safety on.


FWIW - The idea that racking a pump shotgun being a real deterrent to a home invader is pretty flawed. Any attacker that will run hearing the shotgun is going to run if they hear /anything/ that indicates the home is occupied. However, the invaders that fall into that larger category - the drugged, the psychotic, the armed and stupid - won’t be deterred and now know they need to shoot first and have a pretty good idea of where you are.

Don’t give up any advantage. If you find yourself in a fair fight, you haven’t planned well enough.


Thanks for all the thoughts. I do keep my Sub2k chambered with the safety on in my house. When I travel to the gun range, I take out the clip and keep it separate in my gun bag. This is when I keep the bolt open. Law enforcement seems to ask about weapons in vehicles more often these days during traffic stops. I want them to feel safe.


chamber flag would make them feel safe.


I agree. A flag is a good thing. especially if keeping the bolt locked back is only for “secured in transport” reasons anyway. I’m not really sure if I see the locked back, up side vs the hassle. (With Exception, to following requirements by Your Local Laws! of course) It’s secured in a bag with no mags anyway.
I leave mine closed with mag. Chambered or not, depending. I probably don’t have law restrictions you might have there.


You need to watch more ASP videos. Even the most vigilant can be caught at a less than optimal instant…anyone who thinks they’ve covered all the bases surely has a large blindspot.