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Five Guns You Would Want If Starting Over?

If for some reason you were starting all over, with your experience, what five weapons would you get first?

Why? Explain caliber choices, weapons types, and philosophy of use.


I post this because yesterday a young man showed up at the range with his first, new pistol, and box of ammo.

He found out quickly that shooting accurately isn’t as easy as it looks. He sprayed bullets all over the berm, the target stand, and occasionally hit the target.

One of the coaches stepped in and helped him a bit, and he enjoyed himself. But then he asked the one question, “what guns should I buy?”

ask five shooters that question and you get five different answers and a heated debate! :grimacing:

I thought about it a bit and shared my opinion, “that logistics, accessories, and cost are the most important factors.”

but it seemed like a good forum topic…so let the opinions fly!

  1. Smith Shield 9mm because I carry it more than any other gun I own.

  2. Keltec Sub-2000 9mm because I compete with it and love it dearly.

  3. Tristar T-120 9mm because it is my all time favorite pistol and I compete with it.

  4. Some kind of AR .556 because if SHTF it’s gonna be my primary offense, defense, food gun.

  5. Sig 229DAK .357SIG because I completely trust it with my life 100% over 10s of 1000s of rounds it has never failed me and is super accurate. It can also serve as my secondary if SHTF and can easily handle offense, defense, food.

  1. Glock 43 for discreet carry. Tiny, reliable yet very shootable and in a very commonly available duty caliber (9mm).

  2. 1911 'cuz history and .45acp yet still perfectly carryable.

  3. AR in 5.56 for decent power and high capacity in short to medium range “social situations”, like periods of civil unrest.

  4. Lever gun because they’re just cool. Mine’s a Marlin 336A in .30-30 and makes a great deer/game rifle.

  5. A simple, proven shotgun in 12ga for power and flexibility with many types of loads. Mine’s a Mossberg 500. People, fowl, large game are all perfectly taken down with bird shot, buck shot, slugs, etc, as applicable. Must have interchangeable barrels, of course.


@Kona @Wedge well those are pretty good weapons to start over with!

My philosophy is weapons should multiple purposes: available and inexpensive ammo, personal defense, ability to hunt, and a “go to war weapon.”

Funny…neither of you guys put a .22LR on your list. (It’s not on mine either.)


While not .22lr, 5.56 is .22 caliber. :wink:

But, yes, that’s a solid choice, too. Funny that I didn’t even think of it. Okay, change my #5 to one of those .22lr/12ga over-under shotgun combos. :+1:


@Johnksg my bonus gun would be a .22 pellet rifle. Tons of pellets take up no room and can be just as deadly as a .22 rifle. Plus no cases, powder, etc.

  1. 12 gauge shotgun with both home defense and field barrel(hunting and home defense)
  2. Ruger 10/22( small game hunting, along being lightweight and ability to carry a massive amount of ammo without adding a ton of weight)
  3. Ar platform is 556 (shtf, home defense)
  4. Bolt action 308 for those longer ranges and need for more stopping power(big game hunting)
  5. Glock 19 for capacity, reliability, and accuracy.

Just so happens i own all 5 of those already


@d.kaufman2154 solid choice the bolt .308 in my opinion. What a civilian gives up in fire-power they gain in range and accuracy in a SHTF situation. (As long as they use appropriate tactics.)

Plus you cannot beat the reliability and maintenance factor and .308 is a plentiful, relatively inexpensive round with a proven history!


Well I hate starting over cos I love everything I got now. But I could stand to lose my S&W 686 Plus, Rossi M92 lever action (in .357 Magnum) and Glock 17. Then the list would look like this:

  1. FN509 Tactical (instead of Glock, it’s already on layaway!!)
  2. Daniel Defense DD5V2 in .308
  3. Benelli M2 tactical shotgun (keeping)
  4. Kel Tec SUB2000 (keeping)
  5. S&W 640 (keeping)

Truth is I’m adding no’s 1 & 2, not getting rid of anything.:grin:


Five just isn’t really enough. I’m sticking by my choices, but I wasn’t able to fit in a wheel gun or my S2K. :rofl:


@Wedge you gotta start somewhere buddy! Imagine your that young man just starting out…or heaven forbid you had a house fire?

When I was listening to the advice and arguments on the range I realized that all of us coaches and RSOs have pretty extensive collections to chose from and the financial ability to support our choices.

But where would you start? 1 gun just will not cut it…those arguments are ridiculous. What would be your first five?


Good point. I don’t even shoot all the ones I have. Even if I were limited to only five, I still wouldn’t be shooting them enough, either. :roll_eyes:


Here is the way I see it…I would start with a pistol.

Walther PPQ 9mm (I could also go a G17). A pistol is the LAST weapon I want in a gunfight but what I am most likely to have. 9mm because it is the most widely used caliber for military and LEOs with 100+ years of track record. Also while I love the .45acp,10mm, .40S&W, and .357 magnum I can buy twice as much ammo for the cost of those calibers.


My second weapon would be a pump shotgun. I love the autoloaders, compete with them and all the speed rigs, but my first choice would be a pump!

KSG Shotgun - it is robust, durable,and reliable. It is also a lot of good ideas wrapped into a 6.5lb, 23" package! In the close confines that a shotgun excels its short OAL and 14+1 capacity cannot be ignored.


Sig P938 Carry
Ruger 10/22 take down, lots of ammo reliable
Tavor obvious reasons
Mossberg 930 for obvious reasons good anti vehicle gun, bird gun and … .
KelTEc S2K .40 glock grip personal home defense
As a matter of fact my son said he wanted an AR. My response to him was “WHY?”
Sent him this pictureAR


My third choice would be a quality bolt action rifle. The pistol and shotgun has me covered for home defense…the bolt action allows me to hunt and be “offensive” (lol) if need arises!

Savage model 10 or a begara in .308 caliber. Both have a reputation for quality and accuracy “out of the box” at reasonable prices without the need for a bunch of upgrades. This would be my “take the fight to the enemy” weapon. At the same time it is a fun and inexpensive shooter, good for precision rifle matches or hunting if you keep the weight under 9lbs.


@Turmeric why the Tavor?

P.S. Love the mitt! Definitely a solid choice there as well as a deck of cards!

But you have 7 weapons in that pic…no cheating!:joy:

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Actually, there’s 7 in the picture if you missed the little tip up barrel Beretta. LOL

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@Wedge my grandma use to carry one of those lil .25acp Beretta pistols…she was 100 years old!