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First time visit visit to forum from Australia

Very interested in the MCarbo performance kit for the Ruger charger 9mm I have contacted them direct been advised no Australian dealer, although, I have been give a list of International carriers of the product, however no luck in finding the MCarbo products on their sites. So I thought I would have a chat on this forum to see what I could find.
I would like to purchase their full performance kit 11 items from memory I will provide all import customs documentation pay in advance etc If I could have a contact perhaps deal privately any advise. Thanks Geoff


Geoff, welcome to the forum, and i wish you luck in your pursuit of performance! Hopefully you find someone who knows the international shipping laws that can confirm my advice.
I believe if it were possible/legal you would have found availability corporately through Mcarbo or a local dealer. For that reason, i cant imagine youll have much luck with individuals stepping up for you.
I applaud your effort, and hope i learn something new, and you prove me wrong !:grin:



I don’t see a problem ordering them and then shipping them to you. Is there restrictions on parts?


I believe Australia’s gun laws are very strict, including a mandatory “buy back” several years ago. If that’s the case, import restrictions on anything related will be very strict too. Be sure to check the laws, both ours and theirs, before you ship something that might get either of you in serious trouble.


exactly why I asked that, I prefer to stay safe and legal


So if @Hubu79 's answer is yes, its legal, is that good enough for you?

My thought is that something like springs or pins would be fine to mail as long as it wasn’t labeled a firearm part - in other words, take them out of the MCARBO packaging and they could just as easily be ‘typewriter repair parts’. Something like a muzzle brake or a trigger are obviously firearm-related so that might not fly. Gary has the firearm, he’s just unable to get the parts he wants.

  1. Where did you buy the Charger? From a dealer? Can they legally import firearm parts?
  2. Does Australia have something like our FFL (Federal Firearm License)? Holders of an FFL often have the legal ability to deal in firearms and parts that ordinary citizens don’t have.
  3. You were given a list of international carriers but didn’t see the MCARBO products on their sites. Have you tried contacting any of them directly and asked if they can special-order? It’s possible those companies only special order instead of advertise on their web sites because of lack of demand.
  4. Is importing legal from some countries but not others? I’d think the U.S. would be on the ‘allowed’ list but maybe not. If the parts were first shipped to an allowed country then re-shipped to Australia, would that work?

Obviously there are other scenarios to explore but maybe this will give you a direction to explore. Or maybe we just misunderstood. Gary, is importing firearm parts legal in Australia? Do you know if exporting firearm parts from the U.S. to Australia legal?


welcome to to forum @Robar

I shipped some jeep parts to Riyadh several years ago and man the forms were horrible same with South Korea. The time it takes to complete the paper work and shipping charges were enough to keep me from doing more


I’d like to see some code/regulation on the actual wording of what is legal and what is not.


@robar We have some Forum members from Australia who somehow have acquired Mcarbo parts. You might want to send a message to one of them. You can search the word Australia, but one such member is @Craig75