M*CARBO Brotherhood

First time dealing with M*Carbo

You guys are the best. Prompt, professional and highly skilled. Looking forward to doing much more business int the future.


@jhiller48025 Greetings James! Welcome to the Brotherhood.
So… what firearms are you looking to upgrade? I see you posted in the Pistol thread. We all love to see gun porn. Lol.


Just so you’re clear, “we guys” aren’t a part of MCarbo, we’re all (mostly) customers who get together to talk about not only MCarbo product but other topics, mainly centered on guns.


Highly satisfied customers! Little bit of this weekends work arrived!


I should add myself here as a satisfied customer.
Got the polishing kit, spring kit for Sig-Sauer P356 (mine is an XL) and for Springfield Armory Hellcat.
I have installed them with help of the great videos (5 out of 10 on Hellcat and like 7 out of 10 on P365XL). Polished a bit of parts suggested in the videos, plus the side of trigger bar in Hellcat (had rubbing marks on two spots). The Hellcat kit contains a SS striker carrier upgrade and funnily I was looking at something like that before. I was gonna do it anyway, glad that M*Carbo did it in their kit.
I wish it wan an option for the SIG too, but the way they use that plastic carrier flex to unlock it… I doubt it’s possible to be done with SS.

Yesterday went to the range to test them.

They were every bit as I was expecting, light and smooth up-take, defined wall, and crisp breaks.
It did help tighten my personal groupings - more on the 365XL than on the Hellcat (but that has a longer barrel).
On Hellcat it also reduced the striker pin dragging marks that I had before (on the spent casings primer), it’s almost completely gone.