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First time at the Range, Proud Dad!

Took my 12yo son to the range yesterday, We shot his BB gun for a little while. He a crack shot with that thing!
After that I started shooting the S2K, after a while I asked him is he would like to try one. I was kinda surprised he said yes. So I got his first time shooting a real gun on video and it was the S2K with M*CARBO parts :slight_smile: !!
His shot was about 3" away from the center of our target at 25yards. He was nervous though when anticipating the shoot, thats natural. .17BB to 9mm! He didn’t want to shoot it anymore but I don’t want to force it on him anyways. I think a 22 is in order!


Well played! Yep, a nice /22lr is in his future.


Always a fun time to introduce kids to shooting.

My son started with a BB gun at 4, then a pellet rifle, then .22lr and .410. A couple years ago I got him a youth .223 to hunt with and last year he did skeet shooting in 4-H so he got a semi auto 20g. He has shot a few of my bigger guns but he admits he’s not ready for them.

He just turned 11 but he’s huge for his age and very mature. He is currently earning parts for an AR with grades and good deeds.

Don’t rush him and keep him interested at his pace. Hopefully he stays interested in shooting.


@louie088 he,s young if he’s interested in shooting just encourage him without force he will eventually decide for himself what he wants to shoot like we all do


Thank you all for the kind words and advice :slight_smile:


That’s awesome my 10 year old shot mine a few weeks ago too… lol said he wants one… smh… i think it’s great to introduce them to firearms and train them right.