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First Shots With The New Pad And Cover...Sights Next?

Sure does shoot nicely…ran 15 rounds of WIN 9mm hollow points through it just now. Definitely a difference with the pad and cover.

Not a huge fan of the sights, what did you improve yours with?


I use the MCARBO peep sight. Raises it up enough to it’s easier to get a sight picture but still folds


Hey, Brothers in arms…installed the new buttstock pad , recil buffer pad, recoiless charging handle, and bolt tube cover…after 250 rds , the mods make a differance in both comfort and general sight on target recovery. I Find it funny that sevaral small changes make a big impact ! Mike @ Ft Benning



Mike, several ‘small’ MCarbo modifications will change the entire paradigm of any firearm! Happy and safe shooting, brother!


@MSGMedicMike & @DeckArtist I shot mine stock a few hundred rounds, then put all the mcarbo mods on it, well except for the sear spring that is still orbiting the earth. So I shot it a bit with the stock sear spring. It’s night and day difference. Love it so much in going again tomorrow lol.

My only complaint is the brake, well not so much a issue with the brake but with the jam nut. With the jam nut on the brake only engaged a few threads. So tossed the jam nut and added shims, works perfectly!


I ran across a cheapo laser that will ride on the bottom rail when I get new batteries. Found a Millett M-Pulse red dot I had in the safe that will attach once the unfolding occurs each time. I can shoot at my place so it’s very convenient.

Need to find a small quick release rail for the red dot to replace the AR riser it comes with. Not a huge deal but I’d rather have a lever than a thumb screw.

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I found a 3 slot and 5 slot QD picatinny rail section on Ebay both for under $8. They will raise your optic about 1/2" once attached.


Just to do something quick i drilled the peep hole and made the diameter a little bigger… Used orange paint and dabbed the front sight and rear hole. If you want to raise your head up some id recommend the mcarbo peep sight it sits a little higher.


I’m looking at options this morning there and on Amazon.


Great idea, hadn’t thought of that!



This has been discussed in the past and there have been pictures posted to show this is not totally true. Some where along the line Kel-Tec went to a taller rear peep sight which is the same height as the MCARBO rear peep sight so it depends on what Kel-Tec rear peep sight you have.


Oh well still taller then the one I got from keltec


Went with the MCARBO rear peep sight and upgraded the front sight post to a Blitzkrieg Components orange spike. With an A2 sight tool just unscrew and screw in the new post. Much easier to acquire the sight now.


what was your cost for front? msg mike at ft benning

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Front was $19.99, but my sight tool was all jacked up so I paid $24.99 for the sight and a tool.


looking for same lever QR here you. if you find a good deal out there, please post. Not sure if the new mount is what is best for my needs, will wait till all the hype settles and evals from brotherhood is done. Hate waiting money on stuff that needs up in safe vs rifle. MSG Mike from Ft Benning


thanks for the post. didn’t see earlier.

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thanks, I’m looking now for the same front post mod. How many rds thru and any cons? mike

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Hmm that looks like a nice upgrade… Is it tritium?

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I have a little over 200 rounds with the new sight. So far I have no cons. Has orange on front and back so you it’s only visible every other click for adjustment. I have it sighted in at 75 yards and I love it. This particular sight isn’t tritium, but blitzkrieg has lots of different sight options including chevrons and night sights with tritium. Definitely worth checking out.