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First Range Test, Some Q's


Thanks Don … Years ago I heard the expression “getting old isn’t for pussies” and I didn’t quite get it. I’m starting to figure it out now! It’s all good, thanks for the well wishes!


the vibra tite ya dont. ya simply reuse it. bout every 4 or 5 th removal of the collar, you clean and reapply. im up to 250 rnd count with it, when it hits 1000 i will call it good.


Yes, that will work. I used an armorers hammer plastic end to tap the sight into position.


Anyone know if the Gen 2 barrel is nickel boron, or just uncoated steel, thanks



The Gen 2 S2K barrel is in fact Nickel Boron if what you see is silver and not black.


Yep, silver. Thanks for the quick response! Seems like they would tout that, but googling didn’t show anything


I called customer service and to their credit they apologized and are going to send me the stuff they use for the collar and some blue loctite. The guy is also including his business card if I have any other Questions or issues. Didn’t expect that, very Kool with Kel tec now. Time to order some mcarbo goodies!


@PattonWasRight Kel-Tec might not have the highest quality firearms on the market but they are excellent at making things right with the customer.:+1:


@PattonWasRight My front sight wasn’t true from the factory and I had to realign it. Then the pin was centered. The spring tension on the pin is normal to some degree it seems, but the screw (pictured) is (at least on mine) notorious for getting loose almost instantly, letting the pin be sloppy and move around.

If you take a look at this tread it will have some pics and info on that.