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First Post - Pro Trigger Upgrade Kit Install

Greetings Friends… I am writing tonight about my experience with installing the Sub-2000 trigger upgrade kit. It was entertaining, I enjoy tedious puzzles on my shop bench. I had two hours of fun, mostly because of 3 “boing” incidents, springs going “boing” and a hands and knees search, all my fault. The kit it first rate, high quality and works as promised. My trigger pull no longer has excessive take up and a 10# wiggly pull. It just enough take up to be safe getting a gloved finger in the trigger guard and 5.5# snap after the install.
I watched the excellent Instructional Video by Chris Nelson. All install mistakes were mine as I failed to follow the winding spring example and created the spring escapes. Got out of sequence and had a couple do overs. Although I am a Technical Trainer myself I am not a perfect student. So almost any improvement would be in myself, nothing to complain about the kit, results or instructions.
For my own compulsion to tinker I did modify the C clip end of the armorer’s tool, cut a dremeled .030" deep slot across the C shape end. Holds the C clips and prevents “boing”


Welcome to the brotherhood, James. Chris’ videos are some of the best. Most of us Sub2k owners have done the internals so we know where you’re coming from. I didn’t find the c-clip end of the tool much use but I got them off without needing it. Those internal goodies make all the difference, don’t they? My goof-up was getting the shell entirely back together before realizing I didn’t put the barrel assembly back in, so of course I had to take it all apart again. Derp! But it was still fun. :laughing:


@Oneof6 Welcome to the Hood and Enjoy’ You Sir’ Are not the ‘‘First’’ Or ‘‘Alone’’ To Launch Either the ‘‘Safety Detent and or Spring’’ into (Hyper Space) Some of Us are still Waiting For its Return&Arrival And it’s been Years :sunglasses:


Thanks for the insight, You tinker around a lot tell me I have several hell fire trigger assist’s and the paper work to show they’re legal, If your familiar with them they give you 6 to 9 hundred rounds per minute I don’t care about the plastic trigger or the 10 # pull I just want which ever is going to run with my hell fire the best, Any thoughts should or shouldn’t I do the trigger, And I agree Chris is good at what he does cool dude !