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Thanks Dave.

I’m still considering options. An easy mount/dismount optic on the top rail could be an alternative, but am concerned about holding zero when dismounted when folding the rifle. Any suggestions on a good optic that can co-witness for my front sight?



Welcome to the M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD OF ARMS… Just continue asking questions and keeping your eyes open to the ‘particular threads’ that pertain to your needs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just be ‘specific’ and ask. One of your brothers/sisters experienced your problem and came up with a solution. They will either answer you directly/refer you to the thread that will solve your problem… Enjoy the forum… Great people and a wealth of knowledge!


Thank you sir! I’ve had her out a couple of times now and can’t wait for the upgrades… Curious about the higher rear sight and whether it will be a problem getting enough adjustment out of the front sight to compensate for it. If not, maybe Chris would consider a higher front sight post to accompany the rear sight. Anyway, I have the items in my shopping cart, but haven’t committed yet.



To co-witness, the center of a red dot needs to be about 1 1/4" above the top of the S2K picatinny rail. The hard part is finding the right QD mount and red dot to work together and give you that height. If you go to the topic “New To The SUB: What Height For Red Dot Mount?” I have a picture I posted for someone else asking same question. He wants to mount a Bushnell TRS-25 (great affordable red dot) and I figured he would need a 1/2" high QD mount to get that optic to co-witness with the iron sights. A good QD mount will hold zero just fine every time you mount it, I use an American Defense QD mount with Auto Lock and it is a 5/8" riser and a Burris Fastfire 3 and both together are 1/8" to high for co-witness (not a fan of co-witness anyway) but I have the Red Lion front sight that folds down.


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What have you been shooting the most lately?

Glock 19 MOS
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Ruger GP-100’s.
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Nope, no .mil or LE
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Know your limits
Do you own a SUB-2000?

I found the video on working Ruger revolver triggers while researching for future projects. It was cool to see that someone has put together the knowledge and resources and step by step video to do a complete job, and even offer a pre-made kit that has the springs, shims, and stuff you need to do the project. I ordered some trigger kits and look forward to posting the projects. I think you really have a hidden gem here, just waiting for more people to discover it.


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Welcome to the M*CARBO ‘family’ of arms, Jim. @ChrisNelson is on to a ’ hidden gem’ alright… The real secret sauce that makes ‘our unit sing…’ I pray your writing this down…It is THE PEOPLE! Everything else is secondary… Big smiles!!!


Thanks for the information. I’ve read about the co-witness function, but was really a fan of the process. I’ve noticed some folks just remove the rear and front sight entirely to allow functionality for a red dot optic. Most did mention you have to flatten the top rail on the sub to allow proper mounting of the red dot. In a home defense situation, it would seem practical to keep the sights to allow some diversity in situations.

Thanks again for your help…keep the ideas coming. I really want to make this new firearm practical and also be ready for any circumstance.


Thank you Don68. I’m just getting back to my order now… can’t wait to get these parts in! :slight_smile:


Sorry Dave…meant I wasn’t a fan of the co-witness idea.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. This is a great place to be with lots of friendly and knowledgeable people.

Thank you for your Air Force service.

On your M&P .380 EZ, have you had any issues with the last shot in the mag (assuming you filled it to capacity)? (At least…) in the earliest production EZ’s, I had heard of some problems (FTF or FTE, can’t recall). Hoping S&W got that fixed.