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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@twentythree Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@twentythree (Troy)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

Lots of knowledgeable and friendly people here.



Thanks Guys! Only been a couple days, I’m digging it already :+1:t2:


Welcome to all the New M*CARBO members! Hope you enjoy your stay, this is a great place to be! Lots of talent around here.
Happy shooting



Welcome to the M*CARBO team, my friend.


Hello everyone…

I’m an Air Force Veteran, final assignment as a PME Instructor.

I’m currently shooting the Kel-Tec Gen 2 Sub-2000 9 mm carbine. Took it to my local indoor range and put 50 rounds through it using the open sights. Deadly accurate rifle. I plan on upgrading the trigger pull with the M*Carbo upgrade kit. Will also install the Midwest Industries side mount with the Precision Arms Micro Dot.

I also purchased a Smith & Wesson, M & P .380 Shield EZ with grip safety only. Very accurate handgun, 4 1/2 to 5 lb trigger pull. Good gun for my wife with minimal recoil. Easy to disassemble and clean.

I’m not a competitive shooter as I’m a senior citizen.

All my best for my fellow veterans and avid gun fans.


@Goober6291 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Thank you for your Air Force service. You’ll like the difference the M*CARBO upgraded parts make.


@Goober6291 welcome to the forum!


Thank you for the welcome. Look forward to participating.


@Goober6291 Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service to your country


@Goober6291 Thank you for your Air Force service and welcome to the forum. There is talk on this forum about the Midwest Industries optic mount attached to the plastic S2K M-lok front hand guard, might be worth reading before you buy.


Good day i’m Byron I am a veteran, got back into shooting a few years ago. Just picked up a sub2k and already have some upgrades on the way, I sure I can get some ideas with you guys.



Welcome to the M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD and thank you for your service.


@Byjohn Welcome to the Brotherhood Byron. Thank you for your military service. The members will help you any way we can.


Thanks for the welcome


Thanks for the welcome


@Byjohn Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service to your country.


Howdy folks ! I just got my new SUB 2K in .40 - it’s so new I ain’t fired it-yet! I figure on firing a couple hundred rounds thru it, then I plan on me n’ MCarbo doing some ‘bidness’. Or should I just go ahead and send it on in…? Looks like a great place to hang out-thanks for having me!



Greg, Welcome to the M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD of arms! Lots of knowledgeable folks here in the forum. You will have a great time and learn a lot!!! 'See ya around…


Hi all! I’ve been wanting a Gen2 Sub2k for a while now and finally got one! (I originally had one on the counter at the store, filled out my 4473, they ran the check… all was good until they told me they couldn’t sell me the firearm due to the Barrel recall.) Anyway, That’s done and over… I have my Long awaited toy that I bought with full intentions of adding the MCarbo upgrades! (Thanks for your awesome work Chris!) So I will be doing the full pro trigger bundle and rear sight, Buffer tube cover and recoil buffer. I really have no problem with the stock Charging handle, but it seems like a weak link whether the original design or first gen Mcarbo designs. That being said, I am also a little reluctant to “over mechanize” the field strip capabilities with the 2nd gen Mcarbo charging handles at this point. (Something I may change my mind on later) I plan on keeping my Sub 2k pretty minimalist, so While the MCarbo essential upgrades will be a welcome addition, the external mods can come at a later date as needed. One other question: are there any current or future coupons coming around the bend that I can apply to my order? Not being cheap… just frugal. :slight_smile: