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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@Munky Welcome to the forum Jason and good luck with the Police Academy process. Your TRIPLETS are beautiful, you must be proud. :+1:



Welcome to the M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD, Jason. You’ll get a real sense of comradery in this forum! Just keep a ‘tight’ grip on your wallet… Too many people with too many good ideas! LOL


Welcome to all of the new brothers and sisters on the forum. Glad to see we are growing!


@cloughner Thanks for you service and Welcome to the M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD… There are a lot of great people to ‘hang’ out with here in the forum! Enjoy your stay…


Hello all,

New Keltec Sub2k owner and bought all the M*CARBO upgrades. Haven’t yet installed them though.

To answer the questions

  1. Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmoor
  2. Case for my Sub2k
  3. Not LEO nor MIL
  4. No competitions yet
  5. Yes




@qwertee123 Welcome to the Brotherhood


@qwertee123 Welcome to the forum. Watch all the MCARBO install videos for those upgrades and you should have no problems, but if you do the brotherhood is here to help you.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum, a great place to be.

How are you liking your 6.5 Creedmoor? I am hearing a lot of good things about that caliber, and the Ruger Precision rifles.


@Munky (Jason)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

A lot of great people here. And, a lot of Sub2k’s !



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

This is a fun place to be.


welcome all you new guys whom joined since i was last on line [over a week ago ] welcome to the forum and have a happy new year you have started your new year well by joining this forum


@qwertee123 Welcome to the Brotherhood.



Welcome to the M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD. Enjoy your stay…


@grdad45 @Munky @qwertee123 sorry for lumping you all together but welcome to the brotherhood my friends!



LUMP AWAY!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey Guys,

Brand new to the forum, just ordered a pro trigger kit for my 597/22. Thanks for the fast response to my order! Long time shooter / patriot, shoot mostly skeet and quail these days, but love my AR’s and HKusp.45. “I said I didn’t have much use for one, I didn’t say I didn’t know how to use it” Looking forward to slaying some squirrels with my newly improved 597!

Hit em hard…


welcome to the forum troy and a happy new year to tuou and your family


Welcome Troy. Lot’s of good people and good info on this forum. Scott


@twentythree Welcome to the Brotherhood Troy. Bust those squirrels.:grinning:


@twentythree welcome to the brotherhood!