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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum and thank you for your service.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum, a great group of people.

Hope you enjoy it here.


@grdad45 welcome to the brotherhood. Glad you found us


@grdad45 Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. Maybe MCARBO or someone on this forum can help you improve that trigger pull on your T/C Compass.


Hi there, I’m currently on my 16th year as a Corrections Lieutenant for Milwaukee County. I have had my sub2k for a year now and just got a bunch of upgrade parts for myself and a coworker. I collect all sorts of firearms and just purchaesed an Israeli converted 1919 that I’m tearing down for a functions check before I take it to the range.


@Violentmarauder welcome to the brotherhood!


@Violentmarauder Welcome to the forum Paul and let the Brotherhood know what you and your coworker think about those upgrade parts.


Will do he’s coming over tomorrow so I can install his parts and I’ll send some pics after.


@Violentmarauder just a word of warning…your gonna find that upgrading and modifying your S2K is somewhat addictive!


Upgrading any firearm is addictive…


@Violentmarauder Welcome to the Brotherhood Paul. Got lots of .308 ammo for that 1919? What a blaster.:+1:


I’ve picked up a thousand rounds of .308 and the disintegrating links to go with it. Unfortunately after I go to the range I’m gonna need to buy another thousand rounds.


@Violentmarauder does your 1919 have the shoulder stock or just the grip handle?


I have the A6 conversion with the shoulder stock and flash hider.


@Violentmarauder NICE!:grin::+1:


@Violentmarauder Welcome to the Brotherhood


Hello I’ve been shooting my 3 handguns and 1 Maverick 88 12 gauge. I’m a 20 year Air Force veteran. My wife bought me the Gen 2 Kel-Tec Sub2000 for Christmas and I love it. I ordered a boat load of upgrades for it and I will post pics when I’m done.


@CraigG welcome brother!:grin::+1:


@CraigG Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service to your country


@godallmighty Lol am I the only one who gets a bit disoriented when @Kona does that?