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@oneeyedjack, Welcome to the MCARBO forum.
Lots of knowledgeable people here.
Don’t know what state you are in, but I’m guessing either the east or west coast or possibly the great lakes region. I’m in Texas and we have made some strides in the positive direction of firearms. Recently, the price to obtain a CHL has been reduced and now open carry is allowed for CHL holders. The push now is to become a constitutional carry state. Campus carry is now legal on all public universities and colleges. It is still a constant battle to keep our God given rights of self protection though. The different anti gun organizations sponsored by Bloomberg and others are pouring money into our state trying to infringe on our rights, especially after a couple mass shootings here. The first happened in a church. That shooter was stopped by a neighbor who saw what was happening, grabbed his own AR and chased down the shooter. The second happened in a school not 10 miles from my house. That shooter was stopped by the local PD. In both cases, antigun organizations flocked here faster than the smoke could clear. In both cases they were run out of town by residents who pointed out that if government had done their job, both shooters would have been stopped long before they committed their crimes. Like the Parkland shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, and most other mass shootings there were red flags that were ignored by federal agencies. I may sound like some kind of kook, but I think some of these things may be being allowed to happen so that some in government can swoop in to claim they are saving the day by infringing on the rights of those of us who are responsible, law abiding citizens.


welcome to the brotherhood you have plenty of freedom here @oneeyedjack


Thanks to both for the welcome. I don’t think your a kook Tex, I think your absolutely right. My state is Massachusetts the exact place a bunch a farm boys decided to stand up to the most powerful army in the world at the time, with their own firearms,and said “No we want our freedom”.and the rest is history. Its great to hear of the gains you state has made preserving that freedom…


Hi guys,been working on the Hi-Point 995 in 9mm


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@oneeyedjack Welcome to the brotherhood Jack. Good to have you join us.


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Welcome @FrankT3 to the M*CARBO brotherhood. We, in *my humble opinion are both a knowledgeable and a wonderful bunch of guys and gals to hang amongst!


I have just become a member of this forum. I look forward to intelligent friendly conversation with, hopefully, like minded, but open minded people.


@Dizmando Welcome to the forum Stephen and there is some intelligent friendly open minded conversation here…did I say some.:grin:


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Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. A great place to spend some free time.

Sorry you are having to endure the lack of gun freedom that a lot of us enjoy. Hope you and your state can return to what freedom (rights) you should have naturally.


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welcome to the forum steve


@oneeyedjack @ Dizmando @Sparky Welcome to the Brotherhood ! Sorry about the late welcome! The snows gone and I finally got up to the mine claim for Some Paper Killing and Trying out the latest updates on my sub’ with the red lionforearm and the long awaited trigger bar and the burris fast fire 3 the Muzzle brake, all worked outstanding. Love double taps.


I found MCARBO on a YOUTUBE channel I was watching about the Ruger PC9 I am purchasing. I HATE heavy nasty triggers so I ordered the spring kit to try. I enjoy the shooting sports and have a variety of arms to choose from and add to yearly. I also started a small collection of antique US Military arms. M1, 1903A1, Krag Carbine. And enjoy looking for the correct time period parts to put them in original order. I am not a Veteran or Police but I am an EMT and Volunteer Fireman of 30 years. I am currently and have served as Chief of my department for the last 11yrs. NRA Life member and strong supporter of our 2nd amendment rights!


Welcome to the Mcarbo forum. Lots of good knowledgeable people who enjoy and practice their 2nd amendment rights. You will find all sorts of threads here on all types of topics. You seem to enjoy historical weapons. You will find several theads with this topic and many people who have first hand experience with them. Looking forward to see input from you in the future.


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I am a sub 2000 9mm owner purchased it on Valentines Day. I only had the opportunity to shoot it at the range once. Looking forward going to the range more this summer and getting to know my S2K better. In the market for accessories once home I plan to place an order.
I am a veteran served during Vietnam War. I’m retired spend winters in Arizona summers in Maryland. Now I’m heading east and came across this website and signed up. Interested in reading other ideas and suggestions to improve skills and firearms.



A lot of wealth, of knowledge in this group! Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood and thank you for your service!


@JohnW48 Welcome to the Brotherhood John. Thank you for your military service.