M*CARBO Brotherhood

First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood, Joe!


Thank you Lonewolf. I am glad to have found this forum.


Welcome to the forum. Take it you’re a marine. You’ll find a few more of them on this forum. I hope you have a good nature. Army and Navy seem to love to pick on marines.



You’re welcome and it is always nice to ‘see’ fresh faces around here! Much luck on all your firearm build ups… Great hobby, but costly??? Big smiles! It becomes too habit forming for some around here!!! :+1:


Thanks Tex. I joined the forum to find or pass along useful information. I don’t plan on much else beyond that.


@USMC-5547 Welcome to the brotherhood Joseph.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. A lot of knowledgeable people here.

Hope you enjoy!



Yeah but they are no more annoying than flies!

Dude was your MOS really 5547? That is so cool if it was! :sunglasses:


As I recall since it was some time ago and my memory isn’t what it used to be, the installation of the trigger assy was a bit tricky making sure everything stayed where it was supposed to be as it came time to close up the unit, making sure the trigger spring stayed put and all sealed up as required. I have not had much chance to shoot it lately as the weather is NOT cooperating with outdoor shooting, however, spring is around the corner and I have several rifles that need exercise! Looking forward to burning powder! The winter has been full indoor air gun shooting, REAL PRECISION!


Greetings from South Louisiana! Just put in my order for the Limited Edition M-Series Sub 2k. Can’t wait to get my hands on it at the range.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. A lot of great people here, many of which have experience with the Sub 2k.

Hope you enjoy it here!


That was my MOS, thanks. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton from 93 to 97.



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood and hope you enjoy your new M-Series Sub!


@USMC-5547 an honor to meet you Joseph you officially had the coolest MOS and I am so jealous since I have zero talent in that area. (I could burp Jingle Bells as a kid but that probably does not count?) :sunglasses:

Spent a lot of time at 29 Palms as well as MCAS Yuma. :cry:


Thanks John. The Jingle Bells bit is no small feat, I would be doubly impressed if done in one breath. My unit went to 29 Palms on occasion for training. Those were fun times.


@USMC-5547 Welcome to the forum Joseph. I had to look up your MOS and I did not know the difference between the two.


We used both Dave. Sousaphone was for drill and ceremonies. The tuba was for sit down gigs.


Ok sorry i took so long to get back to yall but I’m a trucker by trade, but here it is About 150 rds later still going strong, i bought some 32 rd pmags no failure to feed or eject so far and of course it didn’t go boom



Always great to hear about a positive ‘range day!’ To continued ‘good fortune…’ :beer:


welcome to the brotherhood enjoy your stay give and gain knowledge