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You should be able to run those poly ones quick. Biggest problem with them is the poly material tends to bird nest on you when cutting. Have to stop your cuts and clear it every so often. With forged aluminum, you just have to blow some air every few seconds to clear the chips.


Hello Brothers!
Thanks for the warm welcome! Die hard 1911 fan - shooting that the most in 9mm, 38 Super, 40 S&W, 10mm, and of course, 45 ACP! Love Military rifles! Current project is a customizing job on my Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle - turning it into an “M-14 Carbine” look alike. I am a previous civilian Firefighter/Paramedic, previous Peace Officer, and am currently serving full-time in the Army National Guard as a Maintenance Warrant Officer. I am serving in my 33rd year of Military service. I have shot a few IDPA competitions, but mostly target shoot for fun and relaxation with my family. I do not own a SUB-2000. Glad to be here with you all!


Welcome to Brother and thanks for your Service’.


@CWO-Dave Welcome to the Brotherhood Dave. Thank you for your civilian and ANG service Chief.


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms and thank you for your service! I don’t own a SUB-2000 either, but if I had, I am sure that it would GROW on me as well? There are many fine firearms out there. I am starting to find out that the more I ‘tinker’ with a firearm, the more that I appreciate how the ‘piece’ functions in its own right! They all seem to have a unique set-up, don’t you think??? :thinking:


Lonewolf - I totally agree that every piece out there has it’s own uniqueness. I may not particularly like a certain firearm for myself, but I can sure appreciate it!!! One thing about Military arms in general - a lot like us old Vets - are each a unique piece! Thanks for the welcome!


So true and youre welcome! I have been with the group since last November and there has never been a ‘dull day’ in the forum. I know that you will enjoy the Brotherhood! Have a great day…



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. Thanks for all your service to our great country.

Hope you enjoy it here!


@CWO-Dave I dont refer to myself as old Dave :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: just very high"on a dirt road" mileage.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
welcome to the brotherhood, and welcome home!

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welcome to the forum enjoy your stay david
cead mead failte


@CWO-Dave Welcome to the Brotherhood Dave and thank you for your service :+1:


Hello there from Canada :canada:
Just got back into the Savage Axis after a few years.
Going to do some minor improvements such as trigger kit, thanks M*CARBO.
I’m currently serving my 29th year with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Weapons Technician Land with the RCEME Corps.
Glad to join the forum.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.


@Sgt-Recoil Welcome to the Brotherhood Jamie from south of the border. Thank you for your Canadian Military service.



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood and thank you for standing up for your country…


welcome to the forum sarge you will learn more here than the 29 years in army :rofl::+1: @Sgt-Recoil


@Sgt-Recoil Welcome to the brotherhood Jamie and Thank you for your Canadian Military service.

I don’t see or hear this mentioned much, not just in our forum but in general overall, and I believe it is important and should always be kept in mind.
Most country s in the rest of the world have border neighbors that are at odds due to religious, political, cultural or ? reasons.
We Americans live a blessed existence and in true American fashion, tend to take that kind of thing for granted, without giving mention or thought to many others that have and do hold up and defend the same ideals as ours.
Just one example of many. On 6 June 1944, the 3rd Canadian Division landed on Juno Beach in the Normandy landings and sustained heavy casualties in their first hour of attack. By the end of D-Day, the Canadians had penetrated deeper into France than either the British or the American troops at their landing sites, overcoming stronger resistance than the other beachheads except Omaha Beach.

We are most fortunate to have such a fine northern neighbor as Canada.



Well said and thanks for taking the time to point it out… It is so refreshing to have a ‘brother’ that is able to ‘lead’ in a ‘humanitarian’ fashion! I am not saying that forums don’t have ‘compassionate’ people. I just believe that our lives are becoming more and more clouded by more meaningless ‘crap’ and we all tend to get caught up in it? More people should take the time to ‘smell the roses!’ I don’t leave myself out of that scenario… Many thanks for the ‘refreshing’ post!!! :+1::+1::+1:


Hi Phil, I read your article on upgrading a Kel-tec SU-16C. You mentioned having interesting challenges during the installation process. Would you please elaborate on the challenges you experienced. Thank you.