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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@Pdog Welcome to the Brotherhood Dave. Thank you for your LEO service.


@The-Kill-Shot Welcome to the Brotherhood Aaron. Hope you gain knowledge here on building a legal AR in NY.


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood. I will have to say that you will learn a lot from brotherhood. If you get ‘stuck’ on a rebuild or just enjoy the comradery we’re always here, my friend… Just a “POLITICALLY-FREE ZONE…” Add a kind heart, open mind and one is guarranteed to have a blast (no pun intended?)


@Rhurd1984 Welcome to the Brotherhood.


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood, my friend!


Hello. I am 54yoa and have been shooting since I was a preteen. Been reloading for about 25 years and was working on a Thompson Compass in 6.5 Creedmoor which is how I found out about the MCarbo trigger springs. I am a retired LEO, and work security at our States Capital now. Pleasure joining the group.


Welcome to the M*CARBO team.


@DutchK9 Welcome to the Brotherhood Andy. Thank you for your LEO service.


@DutchK9 (Andy)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

Thanks for your LEO service.

How do you like your Thompson Compass in 6.5 Creedmoor thus far? Done any long range shooting with it?


@DutchK9 welcome to the brotherhood!


Aaron, welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood… We are always here to help brother! I have been visiting https://www.5dtactical.com often contemplating my next build. :+1: Hope this gets you started? Don’t scrimp with the jig set up… These 80% builds are very addictive, for sure??? :grinning:


@DutchK9 welcome to the forum andy you will enjoy your time here [warning the mcarbo forum is addictive and could improve your social life ]:joy:


@DutchK9 Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@Pdog Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@The-Kill-Shot Welcome to the Brotherhood.


Welcome, lots of us former LE here.


Welcome to the Brotherhood. Machining your own 80% lower is a lot of fun. Done a few myself. If you have access to a milling machine, IT IS MUCH EASIER. I started my first one using the jig with drill press templates. About 30 minutes into it, I scrapped that idea, removed the drill templates and went to my mill. You can search the Web for prints with all the dimensions needed to complete your lower. With a mill, a 7/16" endmill, (fire control pocket), a 5/16" endmill, (slot for trigger), 3/8" drill bit, (safety selector hole), 1/4" drill, (hinge pin holes) and a 5/32" drill, (trigger group holes) you can complete one fairly easy. I’m a machinist and can knock them out in under an hour.


Aaron, here is a ‘deal’ on a naked lower receiver if you happen to ‘sqeek out’ of making a lower due to the high cost of the kits. It is ALL about the timing though. Many companies will give their customers their greatest deals for the holidays… I figured that if you wanted to mass produce your AR’s you would wait for the ‘best’ deal? With the ‘naked’ lower, you will still have to go through your local FFL and pay a ‘small’ transfer fee. Also, there is always the question, ‘how much of the build do you wish to take on?’ When you go on youtube to do your building ‘research,’ it is easiest to break the build up in SECTIONS ie. uppers, lowers, trigger assembly and so on so that the build is more palletable for you to grasp. Once you build one and take it apart a few times you will be able to just throw all of the parts into a single container and rebuild it ‘without’ looking at diagrams/videos… REALLY! Here’s another helpful shop for AR parts that I use https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-snek-15tm-ar-15-stripped-lower-receiver.html?trk_msg=6D35ODSGB8949BTE5HBRAE4M7G&trk_contact=4OKTLVNUTA7AJP0KQI5GM3GQU4&trk_sid=N6KC36VRTTH9KOPQR1MQ0EHC0K&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3A%2F%2Fpalmettostatearmory.com%2Fpsa-snek-15tm-ar-15-stripped-lower-receiver.html&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=12%3A00+Email


80% lowers DO NOT require to ship to an FFL. I ordered direct from the factory and they came straight to my house. No FFL. That’s why they are commonly refered to as “Ghost Guns”. No registration- No serial #. I do want to add that if you complete an 80% lower, the only person that can ever own that gun is the person that makes it. It CAN NOT be sold.


@Texprep settin here Mike, looking at 3 poly AR 80% lowers… got em in a swap/trade/boot, thing. got to get off my butt and get those in the works…