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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@tcw94 welcome to the forum taylor enjoy the forum you will learn the things you want to and teach others what they want to learn from you


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood. You will learn a lot in this forum!


dam im outa likes again


Hi there, I am Ryan, and I am interested to see what the mcarbo brotherhood is like.

Currently I am working on my sub2k…I just picked up several of the mcarbo products…I got the bundle pack, the recoiless charging handle, the polishing kit, and the red recoil insert.

I would love to get involved in competitive shooting…still building my collection so I might be trying next year.

I love my freedom, I will defend America, I would die for my family, but I won’t be a victim.


@Rhurd1984 welcome to the brotherhood Ryan!


@Rhurd1984 (Ryan)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

We have a lot of great people here.

Glad you take your freedom seriously. We do, too.


@Rhurd1984 welcome to the forum ryan you will learn all you need to know here


Hello. New member here. Retired State Trooper, firearms instructor 23 years, 2006 private contractor 1 year in Iraq teaching firearms, 2007 working for United Nations in Kosovo, SOG. Contract now to U.S.Marshals Service last nine years. Getting ready to retire for good. Have my own range, shoot and reload alot, mostly 7.62x39 and 223 for my SBR Keltec SU16D 9 incher.


@Pdog welcome david you might even hook up with guys you all ready know here on the forum


@Pdog (David)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

Great to have you here. Enjoy!


Welcome to all our new members! To those that have served our Great Country and their local communities, a Huge THANK YOU!


@Pdog welcome to the brotherhood David!


Hello I currently own an Ruger American .308 and a HiPoint 4595TS. I enjoy shooting both but I am looking to do some upgrades and modifications to both.
I am not a Veteran or a Police officer but I am a volunteer with my local EMS and will be training to become an EMT in the summer.
I have not been to any shooting competitions yet but would be interested in attending one in the near future.
I do not own a Sub-2000 as I live in the communist state of NY I was lucky enough to have purchased my HiPoint carbine before they were outlawed in the state under the “SAFE-ACT”.

I am interested in possibly buying an 80% lower kit for an AR riffle and building it into a .308 variant that would comply with the new regulations here in NY and use that as my hunting riffle as well as my Ruger American. Any help or suggestions for this project would be greatly appreciated.
I look forward to purchasing some upgrades from you in the near future.


@The-Kill-Shot @Pdog @Rhurd1984

Welcome to the brotherhood gentlemen. Your wide range of experiences will be of great benefit I am sure!

We are a rarity on the Internet, a polite and friendly forum. This is due to our great mods, @Kona @Boomchucker @Wedge and @Texprep. (Well except for the last guy…watch him he might slip you the pickle!)


@pdog what State if you don’t mind my asking.


@The-Kill-Shot (Aaron)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. We have a lot of friendly, knowledgeable people here making it easy to learn a lot.



@The-Kill-Shot welcome to the forum and have fun


Missouri, 1978 to 2005


@pdog Virginia 2006-present. Thank you for your service, Trooper.


@Rhurd1984 Welcome to the Brotherhood Ryan. I like your train of thought.