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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


Howdy all, just getting started on here. I’m a Vet, F Co. 82nd CAB (ABN). To all my fellow Vets, Thinks for your service.


Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service, David.


@Toby (David)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

We have a lot of great and knowledgeable people here.

Hope you enjoy it here.


welcome home brother, and welcome to the brotherhood David!


A quick follow up. All the parts are installed thanks to the video and all the encouragement.


I am glad your build went together well. There is an old adage that followed me throughout my martial arts endeavors that I wish to share with you.



Hello all, I am a new member to this forum. I am 24 years old and have spent a lot of my time with guns but am always craving to learn more about them. I spent a lot of screen time watching Chris Nelson’s awesome videos installing trigger kits and showing how they help (such an easy guy to follow & he has very well made videos). That interested me enough to dig deeper and found this great forum with what sounds like a terrific group of guys with a vast amount of knowledge.
Lately most of my shooting has been from my current favorite, a Steyr L40 - A1 but will soon my changing as soon as I receive the 3 trigger kits I ordered and get them installed! I will soon be upgrading my Savage Axis with the Pro Trigger Upgrade, my Remington 597 22 mag with the Trigger Spring Kit ( I already upgraded it with the Volquartsen hammer and extractor before I caught wind of MCARBO) and lastly my Hi Point 9mm carbine with a trigger spring kit.
Also, another project I am in the middle of is putting a HB Remington 700 22-250 into a beautiful new walnut stock that resembles a Cooper rifle very much and will be bedding the action soon.
Unfortunately I am not able to say that I am a veteran or police officer nor do I compete in any competitions.
I do not own a SUB-2000 because I am waiting for the right 9mm that takes CZ mags to come along, but my father does own a 40 S&W one and I already talked him into ordering the whole shabang from MCARBO! I can’t wait to see the improvements it makes to his gun.


@tcw94 welcome aboard brother you will be more than pleased. Glad you found us


@STClassic01 welcome to the Brotherhood glad you found us


@tcw94 Welcome to the Brotherhood Taylor. Did you know Kel-Tec sells a CZ75 magazine catch kit for $12.50 for the Multi Mag models of the Sub2K ?


@tcw94 (Taylor)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

You are right - we do have a lot of great guys here with a lot of knowledge about guns, etc.

Hope you enjoy it here!


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood.


No I did not, I am going to have to look into that. It should make my hunt a lot easier if I understand correctly! Thank you


Hello all! Just finished upgrading my Sub2k with a M Carbo parts and Keltec heavy bolt
Looking forward to shooting it soon. Love the mods that MCarbo makes and looking forward to the new optic mount.!


@68Blkbrd Welcome to the Brotherhood Peter.


@68Blkbrd welcome to the brotherhood peter!!! dig around lot of info here… I came here originally looking for info on 1 part, and like a bad penny i keep turnin up here!


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood, Pete.


@Toby Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service


@tcw94 Welcome to the Brotherhood. You have joined the best place to learn. The combined knowledge of our members is unsurpassed. Great to have you. Enjoy.


@68Blkbrd Welcome to the Brotherhood.