M*CARBO Brotherhood

First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


welcome to the forum bud enjoy your stay


welcome to the forum all you newbies good buddies


FNG here…just picked up a Sub-2000 at a gun show and really love the design. Found a really nice and inconspicuous (ie not black, camo, molle, velcro, etc) sling pack for it. Ordered the big upgrade kit for it and now watching videos. Excited about it and been reading a bit here - love the community feel.


@Sub-Rik Welcome to the Brotherhood. Hope you took advantage of the 20% off sale. Try the S2K out now and I’m sure you’ll like the upgrades when you’re done.:wink:



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to The M*CARBO Family! I don’t know the amount of ‘experience’ that you have with firearms, but I am sure that you will learn something here… Great bunch to ‘hang out’ with!!!


Welcome aboard. I sure hope you get a chance to shoot your S2K before you install all the Mcarbo upgrades so that you will truly appreciate the improvements the Mcarbo upgrades make.


You will really appreciate the difference! I have installed kits in my Mossberg 88 and built a Custom 10/22 using Ruger’s BX Trigger (2.5-3 pounds out of the package.) Enjoy your install…


@Sub-Rik welcome to the forum sub- rik


New Sub Owner Here picked mine up at Shoot Straight in Davie Florida, it’s the glock 19/23 variant in OD green already got a few M*carbo upgrades will be posting more as i go along… AK47 guy by the way


@RoadRunna876 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Luv those O.D. Green S2K’s.:+1:


Thank you I’ve heard about some problems with the polymer but I’ll let yall know how she runs once i get a couple rounds through her


@RoadRunna876 Is yours the cerakoted version or the green plastic one. Put a little scratch inside the mag well to see if it is black.


what’s the difference, I’m not able to do that at this exact moment but what if it Isn’t coted


@RoadRunna876 The scratch would reveal whether it’s black and has been painted or whether it’s green all the way through. The green and tan “dyed” plastic is the ones with reported breakages. Blacks and cerakoted ones are OK so far.


ok, mines the glock 19/23 9mm variant though, i heard those were good, correct me if I’m wrong



I think it’s probably good 'cause we haven’t seen the colored polymer in the wild on that variant … yet. I’d still wear my eye pro and examine carefully after the first mag. And I’d slow fire that first mag as well - you’ll understand why I mentioned this basic common sense after she starts begg’n you to beat on her.


most definitely will take that in consideration, on a different note what’s you guys opinions on the MWI swivel optic mount with the primary arms reddot, also looking to get that M*carbo muzzle break



There has been a lot of talk about that mount throughout this forum. Go to the upper right of screen and do a search and you will find the info you need.


@RoadRunna876 welcome to the brotherhood road runner, do the search, lot of info on scope/dot mounts here…