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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


Double welcome @dbrown1979, your a man of good taste. I have 2 CZ P-07s and a CZ P-09. Love’em.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. Sorry I missed you earlier.

The Colt wheel guns you have/like - older models or the new(er) ones?


Welcome aboard. You may want to consider the Mcarbo complete trigger kit if you havent done so already. Makes a WORLD of difference for the S2K. Air Force huh? I am the son of an Air Force vet, i was born on Keesler Air Force base. Spent another week in that hospital in 1978 after a motorcycle accident while i was stationed in Gulfport aboard the CG Cutter Acushnet. Think i fell in love (lust) a few times while in that hospital. Air Force seemed to get all the pretty women. Semper Paratus!


They are older… one Python & one Diamondback that are shooters. One NIB Diamondback that’s locked away.



Ahhh, classics!

I am too cheap to invest in them, but I sure like the new Cobra’s.


Oh pics please. I don’t think there’s another Python on the Forum :+1:


I served in the Marine Corp from 70 to 76. Retired twice, 31 yrs. in a steel mill and 12 yrs. with the State Patrol as a Motor Carrier Enforcement Inspector. I purchased a Sub 2000 and have most of the upgrades to now install. Wish me luck!


@STClassic01 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Thank you for your Marine Corp service. Just follow the installation video and you’ll do just fine.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum - a fun place to be!

Hope you enjoy it here!


@STClassic01 welcome to the brotherhood STclassic01!


Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood and thank you for your service! Good luck on your installs and know that we all are here, brother!


I’ve been shooting a lot of 22s with my son lately, but he’s taken to my HKVP9 and loves shooting steel plates with it.
I’m working on an AR project right now, just some upgrades to a S&W model
I’m an Assistant DA and in our state, I’m POST certified to carry
I’ve never done any formal competitions, but we are seeing more local matches, so I might try it
I’m a recent Sub2000 owner and like it so far. Just ordered the upgrade kit (with the President’s Day discount) and I’m looking forward to working on it.


Hello all. I am located in NC and have been engaged with shooting as a hobby since I was seven.

Most of my technical experience is with Glock, HK, FNX and FN 509, Sig P226 and 220 series, and 1911 pistols. I also build rifles on the AR15 platform and just completed two 300BLK pistols, soon to be SBRs and suppressed, using AAC and Knights URX 3 components.

Seems like extra AR15 parts will magically turn into a working rifle, or now pistol, over time.

I do not have a Sub 2000, yet.


@jsanders Welcome to the Brotherhood John. The Sub2K is an easy gun to modify, just watch the installation video.


@m-forgery Welcome to the Brotherhood Steve. I keep telling myself this but I’m going to build a .300 BO pistol yet.


Welcome to ‘The Brotherhood of Addiction…’ :rofl: No ‘other’ way of gaining a ‘virtual family’ who knows their firearms!!! Big smiles! Looking forward to having you!


Welcome to The M*CARBO Team, John!


@jsanders (John)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.


@m-forgery (Steve)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

A lot of knowledgeable guys here.




Well I told myself when the 6.8 SPC round first appeared years ago my friends kept asking when I was going to build a 6.8 AR. I fought that urge.

When 300 BLK - 300 Whisper was introduced for the AR Platform by AAC I waited. It just happened that I found a complete AAC 9" factory built upper last month made an offer slightly lower than asking price and it was mine.

Upper number two came about from a sale at OpticsPlanet for a 9" barrel kit. Felt like I stole it using a coupon and free shipping. The listing said only two left in stock. Package arrives and all I received was the barrel. No gas tube, no gas block, no roll pins, and no flash suppressor.

OP Cs was great. Email from AAC requesting that I send them the barrel and they would ship me a complete kit. No worries, right? Wrong.

Two packages arrived and all I had was a gas block and a roll pin for the gas block. Shipped from different warehouses.

So now AAC wanted these back pending shipping a complete kit. Over the following two weeks I received two more gas blocks, several gas block and gas tube roll pins. I sent AAC CS Manager and their corporate contact email pictures of the boxes, packing slips, and parts in each box and requesting that they send my barrel back with a flashhider and gastube.

The weekend passed, but I received an email at 10:30 pm from AAC that a complete kit was sent and provided a tracking number. Monday morning I finally received a complete kit.

OpticsPlanet CS was great and I asked them to close the case.

I wanted a Knights URX 3 rail like the factory upper and found one on the web with a bonus; an aftermarket steel barrel nut and steel barrel nut wrench. Tracked down the little company that made the steel barrel nut and wrench and ordered an extra nut.

If you have any questions about a 300 BLK rifle build I’m an email or IM away.