M*CARBO Brotherhood

First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@jimsage Welcome to the Brotherhood Jim. Thank you for your military service in Vietnam.


@jtkimber45 Welcome to the Brotherhood Jason. Thank you for your LEO service.


@Butch00b Welcome to the Brotherhood Butch. Thank you for your Army service.


New to Mcarbo and looking forward to exploring this forum.

Background: Have been shooting since I was a kid. Just starting my 7th decade. Active RSO, hunter, and occasional small bore competitor. Working on my 3rd retirement. Spent the first half of my professional life in USN and had the privilege to be skipper of a nuclear submarine and serve with many great patriots.
Gun interests: Too many to list them all. Partial to L.C. Smith doubles, Sig semi autos, & Colt wheel guns. Current project that brought me here is improving the trigger on my T/C Compass in 6.5 Creedmoor.


@PNWPhil welcome to the brotherhood! Glad to see another fellow RSO. :grin:



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms and thank you for your service. You will definitely enjoy the comradery of ‘this bunch’ and learn a wealth about firearms!


Thanks for the invite, I’m glad to be here.
I’m a State Correction Officer and USMC vet.
I have an early model Gen 1 SUB 2000 that I’ve had since 2003 or so.
I’m glad to see somebody creating innovative solutions to its shortcomings!


@Ukon welcome aboard Don!



Welcome to the M*CARBO ‘family’ and thank you for your service…


@PNWPhil Welcome to the Brotherhood Phil. Thank you for your Naval service.


@Ukon Welcome to the Brotherhood Don. Thank you for your Marine Corps service.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum - a lot of great people here.

Sounds like you have a great background and will fit right in here.




Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

What kinds of guns do you have for duty (LEO)?

Hope you enjoy it here.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. Enjoy!

I haven’t shot trap, but I do shoot sporting clay - still working on getting good at it.

What kinds of hunting do you do?


I mostly hunt deer and woodchuck but will hunt about anything. I have shot sporting clays and skeet. I suck at both but enjoy trying.


Welcome aboard Brother!


Thank you for the forum invite. Been shooting my SUB-2000 and finished machining an adapter that securely slides over the end of the barrel and hides the threads from when removing the front sight post. I am a US Army vet and like to shoot at targets for fun with my son. Pic%204




@bjohn10 Welcome to the Brotherhood Brad. Nice work on your thread hider.:+1: A muzzle device would compliment that very nicely.:wink:


Thank you Don. Actually, I have the muzzle brake on order. Waiting for it to arrive.