M*CARBO Brotherhood

First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!



Welcome to M*CARBO Brotherhood and thank you for your service!


Many thanks brother.



Many thanks for the welcoming. I can already tell what a good group the brotherhood is.


@Hiflyte Welcome to the Brotherhood. Thank you for your Air Force service. Getting lots of members in the Florida region.


Hi Don

Thank you very much for the warm welcome.

Look fwd to the brotherhood discussions and learning more about this forum.



welcome to the brotherhood have a good stay and enjoy @Franksmydog @brax @Hiflyte


It has been a while since I have been shooting, work and family has been busy. Looking forward to getting out to the range soon.
I am working on building up my Rem 700 in 243 Rem.
I am active duty Navy, almost 18 years.
I used to be an active USPSA and Three Gun shooter.
I do not currently own a Sub 2000 but I am looking for a G19 model.


@CJS10mm Welcome to the Brotherhood Casey. Thank you for your Naval service.


@CJS10mm Welcome to Brotherhood and thank you for your continuing service.

:+1::+1::+1: on the Rem 700’s. I have owned several ADL and BDL’s in .223, .243, .22/250, and 30/06.
I still shoot a 30/06 ADL as my primary big game weapon.


Thank you bro, appreciate!



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. A lot of great people here.

Thank you for your service in the Navy.

Hope you enjoy it here.


welcome to the forum brother @CJS10mm


@CJS10mm welcome to the forum friend!


@CJS10mm welcome to the forum cjs10mm enjoy yourself


Retired US Army deep sea diver here. Been shooting my SCCY 9mm and was looking for a 9mm mid range long gun to shoot and also carry in my car. My new KEL TECH Sub2000 Gen2 fits nicely into a briefcase or backpack. Ordered the following M*CARBO upgrades: Charging Handle Cover, Bolt Tube Cover and the Recoil Buffer. As soon as those parts arrive and I’ve installed them, I’ll take my wife out in the country and let her shoot it. Still waiting for the fold-away scope mount your company is designing…any idea when that will be?
All I need now is a home defense shotgun. I’m considering the Maverick 88 version of Mossberg’s 500 series as a cheap way to achieve that. I can get that new for $169 and then the $25 through my FFL gun shop. Any suggestions?



Welcome to the MCARBO Brotherhood of Arms and thank you for your service, Butch. I dont have a Sub2000 but it is on my list, now that MCARBO has its ‘license to manufacture firearms!’ I bought the trigger kit for my Maverick 88 and I saw 50% trigger pull reduction. I installed a Trinity heatshield and ‘called it a day’ for my Ultimate Home Defense weapon. I am currently building a Custom 10/22. Ruger has a BX Trigger that comes from the factory pulling between 2.5 to 3 pounds. My MCARBO spring kit (installed) with no trigger and sear polish is pulling 1 pound 6 oz/less! Stay tuned, lots of great things happening for MCARBO and the brotherhood… It is an exciting time to be part of a ‘great team!’ Your input is greatly welcomed… Blessings.


New to the Brotherhood, just picked up my Sub2000.
Mainly been shooting my duty weapons (LEO)
Current project is my FDE G17 Sub2000 (Waiting for my first MCARBO parts to arrive today!)
Haven’t shot competitively in a few years
This is my first Kel Tec firearm, purchased it as a saddle bag rifle for my Harley.



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms. Great choice of a firearm for your saddlebag! If I still owned my Hog, that would definitely be my choice! Lots of good people and great information… Hang around and enjoy, my friend!


I am a Vietnam veteran and enjoy shooting and hunting. I am a fair pistol and rifle shot but lousy at trap. In the past I have competed in metallic silhouette and presently trying action pistol. My favorite pistols are Glock and any 1911. I have been learning to disassemble my own firearms and do trigger enhancements. Also I reload.


@jimsage @jtkimber45 and @Butch00b welcome one and all to the brotherhood!

For the squid…you know there really is nothing wrong with the Maverick. For what it is its a pretty good shotgun. (Kinda like the old winchester defenders, man did those have a slick action!)

I like the KSG for defensive work and the Reminton Versa Max for sport. My wife like mossberg and brownings, my oldest like beretta and so on…(you get the picture)

Shotguns generally tend to be very reliable and functional. I can only think of a select few to stay away from.