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welcome to the forum rip riley



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms. It is a great place to ‘hang out!’


Hey from Texas. This past weekend I finally found a G2 muti mag in my area at a gun show. So one angry wife later I now own a Sub 2000. Let’s just hope I’m not divorced after she see I’ve already bought parts for it. Anyways the page has already been helpful and glad to be here. Thanks!



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. Hope you enjoy it here.

And best of luck with your wife.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum from another Floridian.

Hope you enjoy it here.


welcome to the forum sir johnson you better buy the wife some flowers:smiley: @SirJohnson


Welcome to the Brotherhood Charles. If the Mrs. is still mad at you, load up a fun stick and let her have a go at shooting it. She just may change her mind and tell you to get your own.:wink:



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brother of Arms. Pray that your marriage ‘holds up!’ Lol Hmm, guns/women… Cannot determine what’s more expensive??? :thinking::facepunch:


welcome SirJhonson and RIP to the brotherhood.


Welcome Rip. I am looking at the Ruger LCRx .357 mag as a backup gun.


Welcome Ted. Thank you to you and your wife for your service. My wife is a cancer survivor. It’s a journey. Stay healthy. A muzzle break with a suppressor threaded over it for the S2K 9mm would nice in case you have some spare time. LOL I want to run suppressed sometimes but love the muzzle break. Scott


Thank you it’s great to be here and looking forward to learning something new!


Greetings from KS!!
just got my sub2K 9mm glock fde… damn mcarbo… didn’t even shot one round yet and parts are already coming…:joy::joy::joy::joy:
looking forward to the hinged optic mount… c’mon Chris!!!
A really nice bunch here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum - a fun place to be.

Good luck with your sub2k and MCarbo parts.


@Franksmydog Welcome to the Brotherhood


@SirJohnson Welcome to the Brotherhood

Don is quite right. There are more than one wife/gf out here that have and shoot their own S2k. It is one of those guns that have a way of growing on you and the ladies are no exception.


@brax Welcome to the Brotherhood


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Hello to all,
New Recruit/MCARBO and glad to be able to join the Brotherhood.
I’m a retired USAF veteran and K-T enthusiast.
Inventory includes a PF-9, SU-16C, and my favorite…SUB2K gen 2.
Very fortunate to be a member of a great rifle & pistol range where I shoot primarily on Action range once a week and once a month shoot a sub gun/carbine (s2K) pistol match.
With a 30 minute drive to K-Tec and the great folks at M
CARBO, I get super support plus the outstanding accessories and info from M*CARBO. My s2K is a very happy gun. The personal follow ups from Chris Nelson are a continual reminder of the great service his company provides to all of us.
Look fwd to learning more From this great forum.

Please welcome all new members!


@Hiflyte Welcome to Brotherhood and thank you for your service.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum - a fun place to be.

Thank you for your service to our great country.